Why You Should Invest in Gold Bars Today

For several millennia, gold has been one of many several precious metals used for direct trading. Back in the old age, gold, silver, and copper were what money is today.

An interesting fact is that the gold’s worth didn’t diminish even after so long. Empires were built and destroyed because of this precious ore, and gold is the only thing that survived the test of time and kept its worth even after several thousand years.

All this information should be enough to provide potential investors with sufficient information about why their investment in gold bars could be the best one they’ve made so far.

However, if these reasons weren’t enough to convince you, here are some other reasons why you should invest in gold at once:

1. Gold is Timeless

As magical as it may sound, gold is indeed timeless. By this, it means that it won’t feather away or disappear all by itself. Instead, the older the gold, the higher its value becomes. The overall worth of gold is also timeless since gold has been among us for several millennia, and it’s still the most valuable precious metal, second only to platinum.

Moreover, gold has survived the vicious test of time, and the history of civilization was written with gold. Some museums around the globe got ahold of incredible golden artifacts dating back dozens of centuries. Every era of human civilization had its mark on this precious ore. Therefore, gold is one of the oldest and most valuable metals in existence.

All of this signifies that gold is here to stay, and it’ll outlive many future generations. By knowing this as a fact and adding that the gold’s worth has been continually the same, with only minor fluctuations, it’s obvious why investing in gold bars is one of the best ideas anyone can have.

2. Price Fluctuations Are Incredibly Low

Gold has never lost its value. Micro fluctuations are reasonable, and they depend on various other factors. However, the general worth of this precious metal didn’t significantly change for centuries. Instead, these micro-price fluctuations are the ones responsible to earn when trading with gold.

Investing in gold bars will secure your financial future. However, gold bars aren’t as cheap as golden earrings are. In case you’re wondering how much a gold bar is worth, the answer is simple – it’s worth a lot!

invest in gold bars

First of all, let’s clarify the difference between a gold bar and golden jewelry, besides their worth and weight. Gold bars are the ones that banks used and are also those that are secured in Fort Knox vaults. These gold bars have a purity of 99.99% gold, making them 24-carat gold bars, and they weigh 400oz or 12.5 kilos, having an astonishing worth of $711.600.

Although this sounds like an incredible amount of money, there are other standards and purities of gold bars that are adjusted for small-scale investors. These gold bars range from 100 grams up to several kilos. Since the gold purity levels are lower, so are their prices.

3. Current Price of Gold is Higher Than Usual

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world hard, the upcoming August delivery gold contracts jumped for staggering 1.5%, changing the cost per ounce to $1,779. The rise is the highest one in the last eight years. People that are already involved in investing in gold bars are carefully following even the tiniest changes and price fluctuations.

Although it seems tempting to sell their gold bars for a significantly higher price, the costs may rise even more until the Coronavirus situation is over. Therefore, it’s the perfect moment to invest in gold bars.

Another essential piece of information is that investors hope that the weakened United States dollar will soon boost the price of the precious metal.

4. The Global Gold Market is Huge

Since the general worth of gold is set up high, there aren’t as many gold investors as there’s gold. As long as the demand is lower than the supply, investing in gold bars can be an exciting and positive business investment move overall.

In case you’re thinking of investing in gold bars, but you have no experience in such endeavors, make sure to consult with professionals in this field. That way, you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll be one step closer to investing.


Gold is a precious metal that has held its worth for many centuries. As such, it has become an incredible investment opportunity for many. Today, investing in gold bars is promising a great future since it’s estimated that the price per ounce will rise again, while the US dollar is still weakening. All these factors are promising potential investors a nice overall profit.

Dragan Sutevski

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