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Small Business Advice: Change Your Focus on the Customers

focus on the customers

I know that you are born to compete with something and everything that you see you want to compare with something yours. But, do you focus your attention on the right things in your small business. The most important thing is to change your focus on the customers.

Now, as an entrepreneur your focus is also to compete, trying to kill the competition. Trying to make the better offer, to make more promotions, to give bigger bonuses…

But everything that I mention here you compare with your main competitors, not with customers and their needs. Because of that you need put your primary focus on the customers.

It is normal in business to make such activities, but not because of the competition but because of your customers.

I want to note that this not means that you must to forget your competitors and focus only on your customers.

Instead of that, I want to say that you must change your focus if it is largely directed on the competitors to be primarily directed to your customer.

If You Focus on the Customers…

In such a way, you as a small-business owner will know:

Who really are your customers?

What is something that they really want?

What are their biggest frustrations?

What are their biggest problems?

Why they want what they want?

How can you satisfy their biggest desires and needs?

What do you need to do to satisfy their biggest desires and need?

Are they satisfied with your offers?

Do you need to change something in your offer?

Which type of relationship your customers want to build with you and your business?

Which type of communication channels do they prefer to use with you and your business?

Why are some customers choose your competitors instead of your small business?

What do you need to do to attract the customer who chooses your competition instead of your small business?

These questions and their answers will give you much more competitive advantage than if your focus is primarily on your competitors instead of your customer.

Imagine this answers combined with intelligence about your competition. That knowledge will bring you the great competitive advantage.

Because of that, remember to focus first on your customers, then on your competition.

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