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Things to Consider When Buying Solar Panels For Your Business

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Panels For Your Business

Solar panel technology has the potential to save the earth from the effects of global warming. Unlike conventional energy sources, solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases in the production of electric energy. Solar energy is cost-friendly and doesn’t require much maintenance, which is why many businesses opt for it.

The benefits of solar panels are endless. The latest generation panels are durable for up to 40 years. Solar panels produce eclectic energy at the unbelievably low cost of 5 cents per watt. This is why you will get a big return on investment in a very short time.

Solar Panels For Business

As a business owner, you need a consistent electric supply and you might be hesitant about solar panels due to the common misconception that solar panels cannot function on cloudy days. But actually, they need light energy from the sun, not direct heat to operate. So, if there is a regular supply of sunlight then solar panels will keep supplying electricity to your office.

There are many benefits of solar panels for business including low-cost energy, low maintenance, and no dependence on the grid, among many others. But before you rush to order a bunch of solar panels, the following are some things to consider to ensure that you get the most out of your solar panels.

A Suitable Roof

If you plan to install solar panels on the rooftop, you should inspect your roof first. If it needs any repairs, better get them done before installing the solar panels. Check the slope of your roof to make sure it gets maximum sunlight or not.

Another factor to consider is whether your rooftop gets sunlight or not. If your roof is shaded by trees or any neighboring tall building then you should probably consider some other location like a parking lot or a garden.

Moreover, you should check the durability of your rooftop as well. The warranty of the rooftop should be approximately equal to that of your solar panel or else you will soon face problems.

A Substantial Warranty

Before investing in solar panels to make your business eco-friendly, you should check the warranty of the solar panels. You should take into account the reputation of the manufacturer and the warranty that they provide. The warranty should be at least 25 years.

With a good long-term warranty, your solar panel will pay for itself. Hence, making your investment in solar energy more advantageous. Also, for the warranty to be valid, make sure that the manufacturer stays around till the warranty lasts.

Efficient Solar Inverter

Never compromise on this one. After solar plates, an inverter is the most important component of an efficient solar electricity supply system. It converts DC to AC and supplies it to your electric appliances. There are various options available in the market when it comes to inverters.

Investing in the right inverter means abling your solar panels to pay for themselves like the ones used in integrated solar street lights. This is because the efficiency of the inverter helps you get the optimum results from the solar panels. In short, a suitable and efficient inverter will reduce the amount of electricity being wasted during the conversion of energy from DC to AC.

Know Your Needs

Before buying a solar panel for your business, you should be clear about the number of watts you need for electric appliances. You can have a rough estimate of the number of watts required for your business to run. Then while choosing a solar panel make sure it can fulfill that demand. This will help you purchase the right solar panel for your business from the huge variety of solar panels available in the market.

Expect A Realistic Price

It is rightly said that you get what you pay for. Do not be illusioned by low rates with a claim of high efficiency. Compare and do research on different types of solar panels. Get their quotes, analyze, and choose the one that will last long with high efficiency.

Treat the purchase of solar panels seriously. This is because it can have astounding positive effects on your business’ growth. This one investment will go a long way with you, helping your business and you grow in reputation and finance.

Avoid High-Pressure Salespeople

We all quite often come across high-pressure salespeople in the market. When you go out to buy solar panels for your business you will meet salespeople who make bold claims and rush you into making a decision. Do not make hasty decisions; just look for what you need for your business.


Solar panels are now essential for all kinds of businesses to grow because conventional energy sources with their limited production are not reliable. Solar energy gives an edge to businesses to flourish without any interruptions due to power cuts. Hence, while buying a solar panel for your business you should keep the above-mentioned points in mind.

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