5 Laws You Must Adhere to On the Road

5 Laws You Must Adhere to On the Road

Every single time that we set out in our cars, we are taking our lives, and the lives of those around us, into our hands. Fatal car accidents are said to happen every few seconds, and one in four people is predicted to experience a car accident at least once in their lives. There are rules that exist on our roadways for just this reason, and while we should adhere to absolutely all of them, there are some that you simply cannot risk breaking. Some laws cannot be argued with and exist solely to protect us and the lives of those around us.

This page will tell you some of the most important laws of our roads, which unfortunately also happen to be the ones that are broken the most. Here are six laws you must adhere to on the road.

Your Child Must Be in a Car Seat

It is absolutely crucial that whenever you travel with your young child in the car, that they are in a car seat. It is your responsibility to keep your child safe, as they cannot do that for themselves. According to how old your child is, their weight, and their size, they may have to sit in a car seat, and even if they are not in a car seat, to ensure safety for your child, they must be properly restrained to prevent them from being hurt should there be any car accidents. If you are unsure of how to establish whether or not your child needs to be in a car seat, and if not, what system you must put in place to ensure their safety, then you should take a look online at your local government or councils regulations and rules on the matter.

You Must Follow the Speed Limit

Surprisingly, even with many people knowing how deadly the consequences can be, millions of people break the speed limit globally every single day. Speed limits are in place to ensure our protection and to prevent us from losing control of our vehicles. Whether we are travelling on a road we are unfamiliar with, or if there is a reckless driver ahead of us, the speed limit can save our lives. We must make sure that whenever we are in a vehicle as either a passenger or a driver, that the speed limit is followed, and if somebody you are with is breaking it, do not be afraid to tell them to slow down.

drive without a license on the road

You Must Never Drink and Drive

Driving under the influence is an imprisonable offense, and if you do decide to drive when intoxicated, you could potentially fatally injure yourself, and other drivers. Driving while drunk is very irresponsible, and should not under any circumstances, ever, be done. Drunk drivers are one of the leading causes of vehicular fatalities; if you are tempted to drive while drunk, just remember the devastating effect your actions may have on your life and the lives of those around you.

If you have no way home other than your car, and you are drunk, you should sleep in your car until you sober up properly. The best option is to get a taxi home, as sleeping in your car could lead to driving it, and you may think you are sober, but still be intoxicated.

Never Drive Without Insurance

Driving without insurance can land you in prison and see your car taken away from you. You should make sure that you are always insured and never go out on the road without it. If you do, you risk potential financial disaster and could destroy your own car, and other people’s cars, and find yourself liable. Insurance is often very reasonably priced, and if you shop comparatively you can find reasonable plans and deals available to you.

Never Drive Without a License

You should also never, ever, drive without a license. If you drive without a license, you risk potential imprisonment. Road laws are stricter now than they have ever been at any time in history and driving without a license can mean you may be banned from driving for many, many years. Unlicensed drivers often contribute to car accidents, as they often drive very recklessly. You should never go out on the road without a license, as not only do you face legal trouble, but you will be doing other road users a huge disservice. Follow the law, follow the rules, and drive responsibly.

Now you know six laws you absolutely must always adhere to on the roads. Our roads are stricter now than they have ever been, and new laws are introduced almost weekly. You must follow every single one, and always be responsible on the roads.