[Infographic] How to keep your workers happy and productive

Stressful office jobs can take a toll on your employees’ health. But, as the employer, you’re responsible for providing them with a friendly and welcoming work environment to keep the productivity levels high and employee satisfaction even higher!

This is no easy task, with corporate overlords dumping ever-increasing amounts of the workload onto your desks. There are, however, a few simple methods for ensuring that your office space is better suited for the challenges that await your team.

Reorganize your meetings

Loads of office workers complain about long, drawn-out meetings that leave them even more confused about what they’re supposed to do than before. Unfortunately, this is an issue in many companies. You can change that by keeping your briefings short and succinct.

Healthy body = healthy mind

Get your employees to move about, discovering the benefits of physical activity! Organizing fitness challenges and team-based activities from time to time can directly impact your workers’ effectiveness.

Make use of social media.

Even though they’re most often a source of distraction at work, social media can be a great tool for providing your employees with a means of internal communication, far more effective than traditional methods. Online groups and chats can accelerate the decision-making process and streamline the process of passing down information.

Eager to find more ways to increase morale and productivity at the office? This infographic, provided by Faxburner, will you in:

Office infograph

Dragan Sutevski

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