Timothy Sykes Review to Trade Penny Stocks

Timothy Sykes is a renowned millionaire trader and entrepreneur who made his fortune from trading penny stocks, which are traditionally considered to be high-risk assets on Wall Street. Timothy Sykes started trading with $12,415 of his Bar Mitzvah gift money while he was at Tulane University. He succeeded in growing the initial $12,415 to a $1.65 million portfolio before graduating college.

And now, Timothy Sykes’ trading portfolio is worth more than $5 million and is revealing and teaching others everything he has learned in almost 20 years of trading penny stocks successfully. As opposed to other reviews that focus on who Timothy Sykes is, this one provides insights into his different levels of trading education with a view to helping you decide if you should explore trading penny stocks as another income stream.

Trading Penny Stocks

Tim’s Alerts

Tim’s Alerts is the basic level of penny stock trading education that Timothy Sykes provides. The plan starts at $74.95 per month and it is best suited for experienced traders who don’t want to do the hectic task of picking stocks or newbies that want to test the waters before committing more time and resources to stock trading.

Tim’s Alerts will give you early access to the stocks on Timothy Sykes’ watchlist on each trading day. The watchlist is released a couple of hours before the watchlist is made available to the general blog. Also, subscribers to Tim’s Alerts get exclusive access to trade updates when Tim exits such positions or enters new positions during the rest of the trading day.

Tim’s Alert subscribers can also join a daily chatroom of an exclusive trading community where they get to connect with other traders and learn from their collective experiences.

Pennystocking Silver

Timothy Sykes’s Pennystocking Silver trading education program is designed for people who want to acquire the intrinsic wisdom behind the trading decisions that made Tim a successful trader. For $149.95 per month, you get access to a comprehensive video library containing more than 6,000 lessons. It is doubtful that anybody can sit through 6000+ videos, but the good news is that you won’t need to watch all videos before you start becoming confident in your ability to create fundamental and technical analyses on what penny stocks to trade. You’ll also get exclusive access to new videos detailing Tim’s thoughts and perceptions about the stock market every week.

A Pennystocking Silver subscription also provides access to all the features of Tim’s Alerts such as early access to Tim’s watchlist. You’ll also receive trade alerts on what penny stocks to buy or sell during each trading session. Pennystocking Silver also gives you access to the stock trading chatroom where you can connect with other traders.

Millionaire’s Challenge

The Millionaire’s Challenge is a different experience entirely and it’s not surprising that Timothy Sykes asks the question, “Do you have what it takes to be a great trader?” The Millionaire’s Challenge is an immersive experience designed to teach you everything Tim knows about trading penny stocks. Students in the Millionaire’s challenge program get unrivaled access to Tim and learn the very strategies responsible for his success.

Tim considers himself a full-time teacher now and his mission is to make as many millionaire traders as possible in between traveling to more than 80 countries, saving the earth’s natural resources, and connecting with the world’s most successful people.

The Millionaire’s Challenge has so far produced 4 known millionaires from scratch, one of them is Tim Gritanni who turned a $1,500 trading portfolio to a $1 million penny stock portfolio within 3 years of working with Tim. His second millionaire student is Michael Goode, who crossed the $1 million mark within four years of working with Tim.  Tim claims to have 12 other millionaire students who are choosing to stay private and he has more than four dozen students whose trading portfolios are already in the 6-figure range.


If you run a Google Search on Timothy Sykes right now, you’ll mostly end up with great admiration or a healthy skepticism about his claims. Tim lives a very flamboyant life, driving supercars, traveling to exotic locations, and generally having a nice time. Many people think his lifestyle doesn’t conform to their expectations of Wall Street traders. However, Tim says the stock market is a boring venture, and one of the ways he has been able to get people interested in trading penny stocks is to show them the kind of life they could potentially live.

Timothy Sykes also has controversies relating to his run-ins with celebrities such as basketball star Shaquille O’Neal and pop star, Justin Bieber who he accused of promoting pump and dump schemes at different times. The hedge fund industry also doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of him because of how open he is about his trading strategies and the brutally honest stock trading education resources that he provides.


Trading penny stocks s different from stock investing because trading potentially shortens the time it takes to put your money to work in building wealth. The potential profit from stock investing compounds slowly while the potential profits from trading penny stocks compound exponentially relative to the amount of risk you are willing to take.

However, trading penny stocks is inherently risky for both professional traders and amateurs, yet, you can increase your likelihood of success if you know what you doing by following tested strategies. Running Google searches and watching YouTube videos can provide you some information, but sifting through the mountain of information available online can be daunting and the often contradictory information can be confusing.

Timothy Sykes is intentional about providing as many people as possible with actionable intelligence that can help them trade penny stocks successfully. If you can get past his flashy lifestyle and his seemingly brash demeanor, you can unlock another reliable income stream from trading penny stocks by working with him.

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