6 Benefits of Regular Software Updates for Small Businesses

6 Benefits of Regular Software Updates for Small Businesses

Technology has reached a point where it’s possible for entrepreneurs to run an entire business from a smartphone. But, it’s also essential for business owners to keep their software updated as time goes on in order to prevent complications down the road.

This practice comes with a handful of other benefits, as well.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the importance of regular software updates.

1. Preventing Data Breaches

A notable benefit from always keeping your software up to date is the ability to prevent data breaches from occurring.

As time goes on, cybercriminals begin to find more and more flaws within a particular software’s security. They’re able to develop methods to take advantage of these gaps in the software’s defense and compromise a company’s sensitive data.

In some scenarios (such as a ransomware attack), the hacker will demand payment in exchange for leaving the data untouched. In extreme cases, a cybercriminal can release your company’s trade secrets to industry competitors.

Fortunately, most software updates are proactive at eliminating this possibility. So, always install the latest update as soon as you’re able to do so.

2. Increased Efficiency 

As we’ve all noticed, older computers with outdated software often run far slower than a modern machine. Newer computers can also experience a drop in performance if they’re not updated.

This will provide your company with the capability to become far more efficient as a whole, which can result in increased sales and performance.

A business that’s capable of getting more work done per hour will likely have the resources to scale sooner, generate more conversions, etc.

As time goes on, you’ll then be able to purchase computers for your business, allowing this boost in productivity to increase over time. After all, more machines equate to higher efficiency. 

3. Protect Others

If your computer isn’t able to prevent malware from integrating itself into your machine, there’s a chance that you’ll pass it to someone else.

In some cases, viruses are programmed to attach themselves to emails and then automatically send messages to an individual’s entire contacts list.

This can easily result in a catastrophic scenario for smaller businesses, as every machine can quickly become infected with the same malware. Even larger companies may find that they experience significant downtime while trying to handle the spread of the virus infection.

Fortunately, updating your software on a regular basis is an efficient, straightforward way to ensure that both you and your colleagues are protected.

4. Newer Features

As previously mentioned, increased productivity is always something that businesses should strive for. In some cases, a software update can include newer features that can significantly increase how efficient your employees are.

For example, the newest update for Apple computers may introduce new gestures for a trackpad that can drastically help improve workflow. Or, it can make file organization and management a far easier practice.

Other updates may make your software more ergonomic to use.

Even a simple aesthetic change can help your employees be more productive, which will directly benefit your company overall. At the very least, your employees can improve their workflow. 

Sometimes, it’s best to leave your data management to a professional. You can see here to learn more about the benefits. 

5. Virus Protection

Viruses are notorious for preying on machines with outdated software. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always take a cybercriminal behind the screen of a laptop to infect your computer.

In fact, many viruses seek out security flaws on their own and take advantage of the machine they infect. For example, even a modern computer that’s a few versions behind in terms of current software updates can easily be compromised.

To make matters worse, virus infections aren’t always obvious. There are plenty of scenarios where a virus sits quietly in the background while sending a user’s activity and personal info to a remote party.

When it comes to crucial business data, this can easily cost thousands (or sometimes millions) of dollars to recover from.

It’s also important to note that many software updates are released specifically to improve security against a known exploit. By foregoing the opportunity you have to install them, you’re often leaving your machine at risk.

6. Some Applications Won’t Work on Older Versions

Many business-related software and applications won’t work on older versions of an operating system. While the obvious course of action to take would be to update all of your machines, not everyone chooses to do so.

Foregoing modern software (such as that which aids with accounting, file management, etc.) can significantly hinder your company’s ability to run at optimum efficiency.

Many business owners avoid updating software due to the brief lapse in productivity that it creates. But, the long-term increase in productivity that you forego is worth keeping in mind.

For those who are worried about the interruption that updating multiple machines will cause, it’s best to do so after business hours. Many updates can be scheduled and don’t require any user input at all.

Regular Software Updates Are Essential

So it’s imperative that you never neglect them for your business.

With the above information about regular software updates in mind, you’ll be well on your way toward making the decisions that are best for your company. Want to learn more tips that can help you out in the future? Be sure to check out the rest of our blog.