Reasons Why You Need an HVAC System at Your Workplace

Reasons Why You Need an HVAC System at Your Workplace

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Something often overlooked by many but is it something we should be taking more seriously? In the workplace, businesses are forever looking for ways to improve their offices, productivity, health, and happiness of their employees, the list is endless.

More often than not solutions are looked for in detailed and specific areas and whilst that can be beneficial, it’s not always right. Taking a step back and looking at your work environment can be invaluable for many reasons.

Your business may see a dramatic improvement just by installing an HVAC system, but why?

Productive Workflow

There are a large number of studies that have been conducted which suggest an overheated workplace will severely affect productivity. It’s been seen that a single worker can waste a minimum of one hour during their working day due to heat alone and that number can, of course, be higher.

Working in hot and stuffy conditions makes you feel lethargic, we all know that. If you’re in an office with lots of electrical equipment it’s only going to make it hotter. Installing one of these systems using professional HVAC contractors will help keep the temperature of the office at a nice, ambient working level.

Your Employees Health

Without your employees, you wouldn’t have anyone to run your business so it’s important to look after them. It should, in fact, be your main priority. Air conditioning is used to regulate temperature but also regulates airflow. This means there will be a reduced possibility of asthma attacks, fewer insects and parasites, less chance of mould growth, and the place will smell much nicer.

The last thing you want is for an employee to get sick and not be able to work. Installing one of these systems will reduce the risk of that dramatically when they’re in the office. You can’t stop them from living a life outside of work but you can make it as comfortable as possible when they’re in.

installing an hvac system

Customer Satisfaction

HVAC systems aren’t just for office blocks, they’re for shops, beauty parlors, bars, restaurants, and many other businesses. The comfort of your staff is important, but if the place you sell your goods is unbearable to be inside then no one is going to stick around long enough to buy anything. Control the temperature all year round and never find yourself in a situation where customers don’t want to visit your place of business.

Not only this but sitting in a meeting room that’s stuffy will make for a quick chat. Potential customers aren’t going to want to come and visit you again if you’re known to have poor facilities. With comfortable offices and meeting rooms, you’ll make a great impression on anyone that walks through the door.

Protect Your Equipment

Many places of work are filled with expensive technology and equipment, something you most certainly don’t want to be damaged. There aren’t many people that know IT systems are vulnerable to heat and can be damaged beyond repair if they’re constantly subjected to high temperatures. This equipment can reach temperatures of 100°C and whilst it isn’t that hot in the office, it is inside the computer.

Having air conditioning will help regulate the temperature of all your computers, systems, and other equipment. The last thing you want is for your gear to turn into expensive bricks.

Save Money

One HVAC unit will cover the entire office (size depending) but without you might need an army of fans or desk heaters or electric radiators. Sure the initial cost of an HVAC system appears to be high, but in the long run, you’ll see the energy consumption go down. If you’re looking for ways to keep the office cool in the summer and hot in the winter then there’s not really anything that will equal the HVAC system.

Boost Security

Installing an HVAC system won’t directly improve your security by making intruders less compelled to head into your office or shop because of its perfectly regulated temperature. But it will make your employees think twice about leaving windows and doors open whilst they’re around but not really paying attention to who’s coming and going.

You may have left the windows open in the past overnight, which on a highrise seems alright, but you never know these days. People can get anywhere they want. Installing a system means there will be no need for windows, doors, or any other way of cooling down the office.

There aren’t many reasons against installing an HVAC system. They’re amazing for your employee’s productivity, health, and wellbeing. They will improve customer satisfaction. They even help protect the equipment you use to run your business. If you’re looking for ways to improve in a basic way then look into getting an HVAC system.