Accidents and Injuries While Abroad – Here Is What to Do

Accidents and Injuries While Abroad - Here Is What to Do

When we pack up for a trip abroad, we’re usually dreaming of a relaxing vacation, sightseeing and discovering some amazing new things. We don’t really tend to think about the things that could go wrong. However, they sometimes do, and you need to be equipped with the knowledge to handle that situation. So whether you’re getting ready to set off on a journey or you’ve just run into trouble and are looking for quick information – here’s what to do:

Good Insurance

Before you even set off, it’s important that you insure yourself. You want to get the insurance that covers personal injury and theft, which most travel insurances do. If you have something specific you need to be insured, or if you are traveling in a particularly dangerous period or country, you might want to consider something additional. Shop around to find the best insurance for you, and remember to check if you already have something through a credit card or perhaps your workplace. As soon as an accident or injury happens, contact your insurer first as they will guide you through the next steps. Not calling them might result in you losing your insurance claim.

Don’t Leave the Scene

As with any accident, no matter who’s at fault, you never want to just leave the scene, even if you are able to. If you’re at fault, you might look far more guilty than you are if you leave the scene, and if you have been hurt, you need to stay and collect as much information as possible.

Do a Welfare Check

Firstly, of course, make sure you are alright and aren’t physically injured in any serious way. Next, check on others and make sure they also aren’t injured. If needed call an ambulance. When you arrive in a foreign country, you should write down the emergency numbers of different services, so you can quickly call them if there is a need. You can also signal someone local nearby to make the call.

Find a Translator

If you’re not fluent in the native tongue, you will need to find someone who can translate and explain what happened. This is crucial so that things don’t escalate and so that you can get all the needed info about the situation. You will also want to get the contact information of anyone involved, and a way to reach them from abroad, in case it all gets solved after you leave.

Get in Touch with Your Lawyer

Even for small claims, there can be a long legal process, so this Tulsa personal injury lawyer recommends getting in touch as soon as possible and letting a professional handle all of it. The last thing you need is to get something wrong in the process and lose any potential compensation you could get for an injury. In addition to this, get in touch with a local embassy that can recommend a good medical facility where they speak English.

lawyer when accident or injury happens

Gather the Documents

If there is a legal case – or even just an insurance claim – to be had, you need to have all of your documents together to be able to file them and prove what happened. In a foreign country, this might be an issue, because you don’t know what exactly you need and what to get. It’s best to consult with a lawyer and your insurance company to make sure you have everything that might be asked for.

Follow Up with a Medic When You Get Home

Sometimes, injuries cannot be determined at the time they are received and you need to go to a checkup to make sure things aren’t getting worse. In addition to that, bring all the papers from the original medical checkup to make sure there isn’t something they missed that your doctor should check.

Stay Calm

At the end of the day, the worst thing you can do is start panicking, because this is one of those situations where you just need to stay calm and think rationally. Amongst other things, that means thinking ahead of everything mentioned above, so that you feel prepared. You will be less frightened and react better if you have a plan of action and know who to call.

If an accident or injury happens, it can really put a dent in your trip, but it also doesn’t have to! If it was a minor incident and nobody was hurt, then getting a headache over it will only make things worse. Most of the paperwork can be done within a few hours and then you can pick up everything else with your lawyer when you get back home.