Servicing Your Air Conditioner – How Often Should It Be?

It is crucial that you have your air conditioner serviced. If you do not have your air conditioner serviced, you risk it accumulating dirt and grime and breaking down. Non-service of an air conditioner is a direct cause of air conditioning failure. Air conditioners work as a frontline measure to prevent people from suffering from the ill-effects of soaring temperatures and tropical weather.

Every year, millions suffer from heat intolerance, with many dying. Unfortunately, heat intolerance can affect anyone, no matter where they are from. This is why air conditioning is so crucial, as it is a preventative measure to potential illness. You must ensure your air conditioning unit is fully serviced and up to date and never allowed to fall into disrepair. You can also service your unit yourself, which is something that will be later elaborated upon.

So, how often should you service your air conditioning unit?

How Often Should You Service It?

How often should you service your air conditioning unit? Cool Best Aircon is a service with over eighteen years of experience, this reliable servicing company says that your air conditioning unit can allow you to live comfortably in muggy and hot climates. This comfortability must not be compromised by air conditioner breakdown. The amount that you use your air conditioning unit is an important factor in how you determine how frequently you have it serviced. If you use your unit every single day of the year, then it may be worth having it serviced at least three times yearly. If you seldom use it or only use it in the summer, then you should have it serviced once a year. You can do minor services and repairs yourself, however, which is what this page will tell you how to do.

How Can I Service My AC Myself?

If you want to make minor services to your air conditioning unit yourself, then this is fine, provided you are cautious and know what you are doing. You should not start trying to make changes and fixes to your unit if you have no clue what you are doing, lest you may break your unit even further. When working on your AC unit, you must ensure that it is not plugged in and that there is no power going to it, as you could potentially electrocute yourself. Always be safe when working with electrical appliances by keeping the power off.

Clean the Filter

Cleaning the filter is a very simple solution to dirt and grime build-up that is almost guaranteed to occur in your air conditioning units filter. You can simply remove the filter, scrub away dirt, rinse, and replace. It is very important that you do this regularly, especially in humid temperatures, as it is very easy for mold and harmful bacteria to accumulate. If you suffer from allergies, then a build-up of dirt in your filter can exacerbate them and make your life a living hell. Clean your filter often.

Clean Your Unit

Once you have cleaned the filter, you can clean the rest of your air conditioning unit. It is very important, however, that you do not attempt to open the outside unit when cleaning, and rather clean without taking it apart. You must always call a professional servicer to do this.

Once you have cleaned the filter, you should ensure that all of the indoor vents are tidy and clean, brush off any dust or dirt that you can see and clear away debris. Following this, pour a half bleach half water solution into the outside drain to prevent any mold or fungus building up in your ducts. Further to this, ensure your unit is level with the surface it is on, has nothing clogging it up or building-up in its ducts, has a three-feet of clearance around it, and is insulated properly around refrigerant lines.

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Check Its Performance

It is very important that once you have properly cleaned your unit that you assess its performance thoroughly. You can do this by turning it up to maximum power and letting it run. Watch it while it runs, and if you notice any stuttering or any problems with it, you may have a problem. If your unit, however, runs fluidly and calmly, and as usual, then you should not worry. If you notice any hindrance in its performance, call in the professionals. It is not worth having to replace your unit, and servicemen do not charge much.

Now you know a few ways to improve the performance and service your air conditioner yourself at home, as well as how frequently you should have it checked. Your air conditioning unit is a barrier between you and extreme temperatures, so treat it well.

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