Here are The 4 Best Mobile Phones for Online Bingo

Online bingo has grown massively in popularity over the past few years, with millions of people around the world now playing the game on a regular basis.

As with many other gaming genres, a sizeable proportion of bingo games are played on mobile devices, with ease of access and convenience the main contributory factor towards this.

Most people would be lost without their smartphone, and if you’re planning on visiting sites like 888 Ladies there is probably no better way to play than on mobile.

However, not every phone is suitable for gaming, so read on as we look at some of the best mobiles that offer users a superb bingo gameplay experience.

1. iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is more expensive than the standard iPhone 11, but if you regularly play games online it makes sense to shell out a bit more cash.

The 6.5-inch screen on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is bigger, while the more powerful battery will ensure that you never miss out on seeing your final number called.

The A13 Bionic processor is more than fast enough to play bingo, allowing players to enjoy the games and the chatroom element attached to them.

Available in a range of different colors and storage options, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the best phones you can buy for gaming.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20

Whether you purchase the basic or ‘Plus’ model, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the ‘must-have’ gaming phone for fans of the Android operating system.

The device comes powered by either a Snapdragon 865 or an Exynos 990 chipset, and both are perfectly capable of providing an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

The S20 features a 6.2-inch screen, 5G download speeds (where available), great battery life, and high-specification cameras on both sides of the phone.

With 8GB of RAM, you will find it difficult to push the S20 to its limits and this is undoubtedly another superb gaming-ready mobile.

3. Razer Phone 2

Razer knows the time of day when it comes to gaming and their skills shine through with the hugely impressive Razer Phone 2.

The 5.7-inch display has a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, offering bingo players a superb viewing experience time after time.

The phone also features an upgraded cooling system, which helps the Snapdragon 845 processor deliver the performance it is designed for.

Excellent battery life, great speakers, and 8GB of RAM add further depth to the Razer Phone 2, which has the added bonus of a price point that blows many of its rivals out of the water.

4. Xiaomi Black Shark 3

The Xiaomi Black Shark 3 is another premium gaming phone that is competitively priced but comes loaded with impressive specifications.

It features a Snapdragon 865 processor, an advanced cooling system, and a 4720 mAh battery that is able to handle extended sessions on your favorite bingo site.

The 6.67-inch display is built for gaming, while the option to buy a separate gamepad gives you the ability to play without touching the screen.

Chinese technology products historically had a reputation for poor build quality and unreliability, but that is certainly not the case where the Black Shark 3 is concerned.

Conclusion: If money is no object, there is little to choose between the iPhone Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S20. Ultimately, it boils down to whether you prefer the iOS or Android operating system.

However, if budget factors into your final decision, then the Razer Phone 2 and Xiaomi Black Shark 3 are viable alternatives. Slight preference is for the Xiaomi phone due to its larger screen.

Dragan Sutevski

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