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Kindle Cloud Reader – Looks Great

kindle cloud reader

I think that more and more we are moving to the cloud. I don’t want to install applications on my PC and always if there is a way to use a web-based solution or other similar solution I’m in.

This means that we already use Dropbox to share our files. We already use Google Docs as something more than document processing tools.

I just give a try on the newest Kindle Cloud Reader as HTML5 apps for reading and buying books from Amazon.

My opinion is it looks great.

Now I can read books on my PC and laptop without the need to install the application. Furthermore, I can buy the books through the Safari browser on my iPad.

Something that I really like about this is that it allows you to read online or to download books if you want to be able to read them without an internet connection.

Kindle Cloud Reader is compatible with PC Windows, or Mac, or Linux computers using the Google Chrome or Safari web browsers, on Linux computers using Google Chrome, and on an iPad using the Safari web browser.

Here are my first impressions of the images.

When I go to the Kindle Cloud Reader, I need to sign in with my Amazon account.

After login my books are there, ready for reading.

kindle offline reading
Offline Reading

I can download the book for offline reading.

Kindle Download
Downloading Book

The readability is great.

The same setting from the application is here (font size, margins, and color modes).

Books can be downloaded locally for offline reading. This is important if you like to read your book in places without an internet connection.

Downloaded books in the Kindle Cloud Reader
Downloaded books in the Kindle Cloud Reader

Overall it is a high step forward for Amazon, especially because the limitations rules against Amazon and other e-booksellers like Apple.

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