6 Surprisingly Beneficial Things You Should Have In Your Office

6 Surprisingly Beneficial Things You Should Have In Your Office

When you are in your office, you need to be as productive as you can be, and sometimes the things around you can be quite beneficial in helping you maintain a high level of productivity. Sometimes simple office supplies work, but there are even better items out there that can boost your work productivity, creativity, and organization considerably.

1. Organizers

Organizers are very common to have around an office, but these organizers have a specific function. All you need to get is a couple of plastic trays to hold papers. One tray is for incoming work, and the other for outgoing or “done” work. This system is quite simple but can be built up to your liking. For example, you can add a third tray for work that needs to be entered into a database or another tray for work that still needs to be approved, etc. This will help you sort out all of your work and enable you to focus on what you need to do, instead of being all over the place and feeling confused. Personalizing your system of organization is going to ensure you increase your productivity and know exactly where everything is. When you move the papers to the done tray, you will also get a sense of accomplishment, which is always a plus.

2. A Timer and Clock

If you do not have a clock in your office, it is about time you got one. A clock can help you motivate yourself because the more time that passes, the closer you are to going home and resting. This will give you an energy boost to finish your work faster. A timer can help you if you find yourself daydreaming often during work time and ending up with unfinished work that you will need to take home with you. You can simply set a timer for a specific task, and if you finish the task before the time is up, then you can take the rest of the time to rest before starting the next task. This helps you keep a good pace.

3. A Comfortable Chair

When you work in an office, you are most probably going to be sitting down for a long time trying to get work done. If your chair is uncomfortable, then you are in for long, tiring days at work and an aching back. Getting a high-quality chair can be very beneficial for your productivity at work. If you do not know where to find a high-quality chair that is within your budget, find one of the many options online. You can easily find a website that has different chairs to fit your needs. Finding a comfortable chair is very beneficial for your health and it will allow you to work without having to deal with back pain.

4. A Coffee Machine

Who hasn’t gone to the office at least once without their usual caffeine fix because they were running late? Better yet, who hasn’t needed a caffeine fix at least once in the middle of their workday? Having a coffee machine in your office is going to make those lethargic and never-ending workdays a thing of the past. You are going to be able to get your coffee fix at the beginning of the day so you don’t waste time passing by a coffee shop in the morning or leaving the office to get coffee during your lunch break.

5. A Fridge

While, more often than not, people eat breakfast before they come into the office, lunch is another matter. Taking your lunch away from the office is going to waste a lot of time that you can use for something more productive if you already have food to eat at your office. If you plan on getting a fridge for your office, it does not have to be an overly large one. A simple mini-fridge will suffice if you want to store a couple of food items and some beverages to have throughout the week.

6. Colored Stationery

colored stationery in office

Of course, stationery is something everyone expects to find in an office. What not everyone realizes, however, is how beneficial having color-coordinating stationery is. This type of stationery makes it easier for you to understand what tasks you need to do. Moreover, it makes it easier to find out which tasks need to be finished as soon as possible and which ones can wait. The best thing about color coordinating your work is that stationery comes in all the colors you can think of. For example, you can have an assortment of colored sticky-notes, pens, and notes assigned to different tasks and documents based on the level of importance and urgency.

If you do not have these six items in your office already, then it might be time for you to look into getting them as soon as possible. They seem to be very simple things, however, their benefits are quite noticeable in both the short and long run. Not only do these items allow you to provide higher-quality work than before, but some of them, such as the comfortable chair can be beneficial for your health as well.