4 Ways to Boost Your Business Revenue in 2020

4 Ways to Boost Your Business Revenue in 2020

2020 is not the luckiest year, not only in the social and health aspects, but it’s also a hard time for business. Almost every company owner needs to cope with certain difficulties that result from the pandemic, such as the loss of profit or fewer customers.

However, the occurrence of the problems doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up. On the contrary, now it’s the best moment to rethink your company’s strategy to boost your revenue. Below, we present four best ways to promote your business revenue even during the hard times.

1. Define Your Goals

Before setting up a company, it’s necessary to define its goals and niche. However, sometimes it’s worth re-defining your mission, especially if the circumstances change, as it happened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arrange a brainstorming session and consider any changes in your company that are worth implementing. Maybe it’s a good idea to change the target group of your products or offer more services online? You might also think of implementing a completely new strategy to your business plan. It’s good to consider, for example, sales enablement. You can read more about it, for example, on SalesHood.

Try to think out of the box, and don’t be afraid of changing the goals and image of your business. It is only a sign of your strength and flexibility.

2. Make Use of Brand Marketing

Brand marketing has always been important, but it’s even more essential now when the competition is fierce, and it’s hard to boost the profit. It’s also a critical stage in the sales enablement.

You can invest in brand marketing by, for example, increasing your presence online and in social media. If you build a consistent and positive brand image, you are more likely to get new customers and boost your revenue.

Remember that good quality products or services are only a part of your success. Marketing and advertising are equally important, so it’s advisable to invest in them. You might also make use of the so-called real-time marketing, and adjust your ads and services to the COVID situation.

If you’re worried that investing in proper marketing equals hiring an expensive specialist and elevating the costs, just stop thinking that only external specialists can develop your marketing strategy.

There are many online marketing courses and resources available – you or somebody from your company might as well get involved in the topic and take care of the brand marketing branch. Some tips on how to do it can be found here.

3. Invest in Good Content

It’s no secret that good, well-thought content lures potential customers. Why? Everybody appreciates well-written slogans, posts, or a neatly-organized website. Especially now, when people spend lots of time online, nicely-designed social media channels are extremely important. It’s then worth trying to implement this part of the sales enablement strategy.

Many companies mistakenly think that no-one is concerned with reading lengthy posts or articles, and they browse Instagram only for pleasure. Well, it turns out that effective content marketing is a huge accelerator of business development. It’s because of the simple psychological mechanism – if a customer finds a neatly-designed, concise website, they are more likely to make a purchase or even subscribe to the newsletter. It’s also more probable that they will come back to this place.

If you’re interested in content marketing and the psychology behind it, you can use online resources to broaden your knowledge in the field.

4. Focus on Loyal Customers

Every new customer is important for company development. Still, during the hard times of the pandemic, it’s more vital to focus on maintaining the interest of people who are already loyal towards your business – they’re less likely to change their habits.

There are numerous ways of appreciating the interest of your regular customers – you can offer them various discounts and coupons. Moreover, they may get access to a special discount program.

Although discounts and price cuts might not seem the best idea during the hard times of the pandemic, they can actually boost the revenue of your business. Loyal customers are more likely to buy additional items or recommend your brand to other potential buyers.

If you’re interested in reading more about the marketing towards your regular clients, visit, for example, this website and get some knowledge online.


The time of pandemic doesn’t favor any changes or new steps in business, but on the other hand, they’re necessary. In order to make progress, you, as a business owner, need to adapt to the new, surprising circumstances.

Boosting your company’s revenue is still possible, regardless of the difficult situation. You only need to know what tools to use, such as investing in effective brand marketing, focusing on your loyal customers, and taking care of your content. What’s most crucial – aim to re-define your company’s goals and be creative in adjusting them to the status quo.