The Importance of Increasing Your Websites Speed and How to Do It

In our current age, it seems everything is done entirely online. Every business, whether small or large, has its own web page. Your web page is expected to be quick, interactive, and easy to use. If your web page is slow and poorly constructed, then your customers or clients will likely view this as a reflection of you and choose not to do business with you. A well-designed website (and a fast one) makes a good first impression.

This page will tell you a few ways that you can speed up your website and why it is crucial to your success that you do. There are many ways that one can speed up their website, and this page will hope to offer the most effective in a comprehensive guide. Here is how you can speed up your website and why it matters.

The Importance of Increasing Your Websites Speed and How to Do It

Plugins and Blocks

Speeding up your site is quite simple and can be done relatively easily by making use of plugins and blocks. Plugins and blocks serve to both speed up your website and prevent advertisements and pop-ups from slowing it down. The professional web-designers of say that if a website takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of visitors will leave your page. This is a massive amount of people, and this loss of interest will surely be a detriment to the success of your business or service. Making use of both of the aforementioned tools can be highly effective, especially when they are used in combination with some of the other suggestions listed on this page. Providing a fast and optimized service is the best way to draw in customers and ensure that you keep them. You may be surprised at the wonders an interactive webpage can do for your business.

Image Optimization

If you want to make your site run quicker, then you will want to optimize your images. Your images must be of a reasonable size (no larger than needs be) and that they have been uploaded in the correct format. You will want to use files that have less than sixteen colors and have been compressed for a webpage. Many applications exist online that creates a template for frequently used images like your buttons and icons). These applications will combine all of your images into a single large image which will load very quickly, thereby reducing HTTP requests, and display the images you want to be shown. Your website will run faster as your web-users will not be waiting for multiple images to render.

File Compression

Applications exist online that can reduce the size of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files (those that are larger than a hundred and fifty bytes, that is). These applications can compress your files and thereby increase the speed of your web page. File compression should be one of the first things you do when you are intending on increasing the speed of your website. It is important to add that the applications that reduce your image size are different from those that reduce your file size.

website speed - file protection

Code Optimization

Another effective measure to employ when reducing the loading time of your web page is to optimize your code. You can optimize your code by removing unnecessary commas, characters, and spaces. When these unnecessary pieces of code have been removed, your web page will instantly begin to run a lot faster. You must also remove comments on your code and unused code. You will be surprised just how quickly your site will begin to run with this unnecessary code removed.

The Importance of Your Websites Speed

Increasing the speed of your website is very important, but even so, some may ask, ‘Why does it matter?’ It matters because, first and foremost, nobody wants to visit a web page that is poorly managed and slow. It is, as was referenced by an earlier statistic, a put-off, and will deter people from visiting your page or doing further business with you.

It can also stop your website from being listed high in rankings; studies have shown that a website with poor optimization that has long waiting times will not be ranked high in the SEO algorithm. SEO marketing is a very important component of how we advertise our websites nowadays, so if your web page is being ranked low as a by-product of slow loading times, it is crucial that you attend to this and fix your website, thereby ranking higher.

Now you know several ways to increase the speed of your website, and why it is of the utmost importance. A fast website is one people are likely to return to. You must put a lot of effort into your website should you want it to succeed.

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