Your Branded Essentials: Simple Products That Will Turn Heads (For the Right Reasons)

As a business, getting people to recognize your brand is essential. Ultimately, you want someone to spot your logo from afar and connect it to your great products, customer service, and business impact. Think of strong branding and a set of golden arches probably spring to mind, or a certain green mermaid on a certain coffee cup…all I have to do is describe the logo and you already know who I’m talking about! This is branding done well and wholly effective marketing.

As a business that’s in its infancy or as a company that’s ready to move on to the next level, branded marketing could be your next step in getting your logo out there to the masses. Branded marketing is simple and incredibly effective – it’s also extremely kind to your marketing budget.

These days you can put your logo on just about anything, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the choices out there. Here we’ve filtered the choice down into some awesome product ideas that will turn heads (for all the right reasons).

Face masks

Branded face masks are simple yet effective sources of advertising, as well as health and safety. Get all your staff wearing them and you could even offer them to customers who may have left their own masks at home. Putting your customer’s health first and marketing your business at the same time is possible!

Businesses up and down the country are feeling the effects of the global pandemic. With many businesses unable to recover lost profits, some have had to face the difficult choice of closing up shop for good. If you’re hoping to attract nervous customers back to your business, you can do so with safety and branding in mind.

Tote bags

Plastic is bad news, so more of us are using reusable bags every time we hit the supermarket or run errands. Everyone carries a bag around with them these days, which means that promotional tote bags are a great advertising tactic. Making your promotional bags stand out with your logo and bright colors means heads will turn on the high street! Hundreds of people could potentially see your logo within just a few short hours!

Water bottles

Much like reusable bags, reusable water bottles are carried by more people every day, than ever before. This means that advertising your business via reusable water bottles is another simple yet effective way to get your logo out there. If you have a team of office or warehouse workers, consider handing them out so they can use them in their every day lives. Or give them to customers who make a sale as a free gift!

And finally, clothing

Clothing that is comfortable and looks good is branded marketing at it’s best. Again, ideal for office workers who’ll feel a sense of comradery with their fellow employees, and clients who could win them in giveaways or as part of a gift package when they buy from you. When it comes to clothing, always go for high-quality products and colors that match your branding.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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