Small Business Advice: Make an Irresistible Offer

what to include in irresistible offer

What will bring long-term competitive advantage and long-term wealth of your business? The answer is your offer, not any, but your irresistible offer.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll always want your business to have an irresistible offer that will convert more potential customers into the buyers. That will mean more buyers for your business, more income, and more profitability. That’s your long-term business competitive advantage.

However, you have more different offers that use different presentation mediums or channels. All the offers need to have components that will ensure irresistibility. You can have an offer:

  • that will bring subscribers to your blog or website,
  • that you use in the meetings,
  • that you use on different events,
  • that your sales team use in the selling process,
  • for your subscribers,
  • for your customers,
  • for your potential customers…

As you can see that’s all different offers with a different purpose behind them. If you want the best results for your business, you’ll need to make all of them be as much as possible irresistible.

Irresistible offer is something that will:

  • convert more potential customers into buyers in as much as possible short time.
  • convert more visitors to more subscribers in as much as possible short time.
  • convert more subscribers to more buyers in as much as possible short time.

The key components that make an offer to be irresistible are:


Your irresistible offer needs to have benefits that customers will get if they accept your offer. In reality, people don’t care about what you or your business makes or how it makes what it makes. The only thing that they care is what you can do for them. Benefits are simply answering of the question: What’s In It For Me?


Also, your irresistible offer needs to solve the specific problems of your target market. Your target market will always have some type of problems. To find the real problem on the market, you must analyze the current situation on your target market and to find their real problems that will be included in your offer.


It is not enough to explain only the problems of your potential customers. There is a need to exist enough desire for the solution of the problems. You’ll need to make your irresistible offer in such a way that it will inspire immediately desire for your solutions.

Call to action.

Do you need an offer without the call to action? What you want your potential customers to make with your offer? The purpose would certainly be some type of actions that we mentioned above. Include a clear call to action in all of your offers.

Social proof.

People want to follow the crowd. Because of that, it is important to have social proof in the form of stories, recommendation, previous experiences… Your potential customers need to know that they are not alone in finding solutions for their problems and that you are the right person for that.