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The Surprising Power of Promotional Products During Covid-19

power of promotional products

Everyone right now is affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that has practically reached every corner of the world. Many lives have been lost to this dreaded illness. Even businesses aren’t spared as companies shut down all over the world. Workers are trying to figure out how they can survive when their employers retrench their labor force and cut their losses.

However, a business should strive despite the difficult times. One way for a company to do that is to boost its marketing efforts to attract more customers. As a means of attracting customers, retaining clients, and essentially boosts marketing efforts, a business should consider giving away promotional products.

Companies such as Boost Promotional Products are helping their clients who want to fight off the effects of the pandemic by continuing marketing efforts, like giving promotional products to their customers. This is a company’s way of bolstering brand awareness and gaining recognition in the public eye.

Here’s some surprising power that promotional products have:

1. Allows Your Brand To Be Imprinted In Your Customer’s Minds

The great thing about giving out your promotional products during a pandemic is that you can reach out to individuals, not just groups. For example, it would be nice to give out reusable coffee mugs that have the name of the recipient custom-printed on it. This makes it really intimate for the business representative and the recipient.

So, instead of mass printing ‘XYZ Company’ on the sides of mugs, the business representative can choose to print ‘Johnny Cross – Attorney at Law.’ Not only does the name single out the recipient, but it also describes the recipient’s occupation. So, every time Johnny goes to the office pantry to get a cup of coffee, he gets to read his own name and remembers the giver.

More importantly, the customized mug tells whoever receives it that this person is important, which people will appreciate and remember, allowing your brand to be imprinted on their minds, despite the on-going pandemic.

promotional products - customers mind

2. Provides A Psychological Boost

Promotional products Australia helps surviving businesses to reinforce market recognition of their brand in Australia by printing the company’s logo, artwork, and colors on quality promotional products. These businesses can then give the finished products to their customers and clients.

Giving away promotional products after rendering service to your customers will also provide a psychological boost. The nicer the corporate giveaway is, the more people will appreciate it. If it is functional as well, even better.

3. Respect Social Distancing With Freebies

A pandemic is also a strange enabler of businesses that make promotional products. Since social distancing, or physical distancing, is the rule, gone are the power lunches and firm handshakes that characterized businesses in the past. So, if you’re a business owner, you probably want to tell your business contact that they’re important to you. Since you can’t invite them out to a classy restaurant and handshakes are forbidden, you can simply give them a customized corporate giveaway.

Also, you don’t have to give it in your office as you can send this to them via courier so that they don’t need to go far just to get it. This convenience is a nice extra touch.

promotional products - distancing with freebies

4. Give People Hope For New Life After Pandemic

If you give out promotional giveaways during a pandemic, that seems to convey that you’re hopeful that the pandemic will eventually end and life will return to normal. So, those business relationships that stayed viable during the pandemic will become important for you when everyone is able to return back to work.

Giving a customized coffee mug to a business contact will remind them of you. And you’ll remember them because you’re the one who gave the freebie.

Enduring and Popular Choices For Promotional Products

promotional products - popular choices

Take note that some items are really popular when it comes to being a promotional product, such as the following:

  • Key chains
  • Confectioneries
  • Bags
  • Notepads
  • Reusable bottles for drinking
  • Pens

Along with being portable, these items are also functional, which means that anyone can see how these works. This means you may want to use these in your marketing efforts during the pandemic since they can resonate well with the recipients.

Final Takeaway

Despite the pandemic, your business will continue to need customers. One way of reaching new customers or retain old ones is through promotional products. So, during this pandemic, take time to assess your marketing campaign and see if you can find a budget for customized promotional products.

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