Must-Have LMS Features In 2020

Must-Have LMS Features In 2020

Amid the pandemic, innumerable business functions have had to be moved online, since opening offices is not safe. In fact, many businesses that have been avoiding digital transformation have used this opportunity to start enjoying the benefits of working on the cloud.

One aspect of business that many businesses were operating offline was employee training.

While amid the global emergency, when the objective was to simply stay afloat, many employee training programs were put on hold, now that it has become clear that this is the new normal and the show must go on.

As a result, many businesses are digitising their employee training experience.

While the undertaking involves many variables, one tool that all businesses will need to make this digital training transformation successful is a learning management system (LMS).

With the availability of an overwhelming number of LMS in the market, with each offering an equally overwhelming number of features, finding the right LMS can turn out to be a difficult undertaking. This is especially true if you don’t have prior experience with an LMS and don’t know what features to look out for.

If the above mentioned statements sound relatable, you’ve come to the right article.

Read on to learn about the must-have features in a LMS in 2020:

Intuitive User Interface

Finding an LMS with an intuitive user interface should be a top priority, especially for those that are beginning their virtual training journey.

Choosing a complex LMS will mean that you will have to spend precious time to learn about its features and how you can utilize them to your advantage. Moreover, remember that your learners will also have to deal with the same interface, so it is important that you choose an LMS that is suited to the general technical expertise of your audience.

Engagement Features

Modern LMS offers a variety of engagement features like social learning, gamification, and microlearning.

All these features are designed to make the learning experience more effortless, immersive, and of course, engaging for the learners.

For instance, a popular learning management system, Tovuti LMS features the complete gamut of gamification features that allow you to add game-like elements to your training experience.

With features like the ability to allot points to actions that the learners are supposed to take, you can introduce some friendly competition to your learning experience, which may act as a source of motivation for the learners to perform their best during the training.

The way humans learn and consume content has evolved because of the digital revolution. Engagement features offered by various LMS are designed to help you address this change in your training experience.

Responsive Design For Different Devices

Speaking of the digital revolution, these days we use a multitude of different devices to consume content online.

While training cannot be practically delivered on a smartwatch, you should at least ensure that your training experience is optimized for delivery on desktops and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

This will ensure that your learners have easy access to the training material, even when they cannot access their laptops or desktops.     


Besides looking for the relevant features, another important thing to consider while purchasing an LMS is the support you will get. However, it is not possible to gauge the quality of support during a sales interaction.

For this reason, it is smart to try out the free trials of some of the tools you have shortlisted so you get a chance to use them and try out the support services. Then, you can make an informed decision and choose a LMS that is suited to your needs, expectations, and technical expertise.