A Classy Touch: Little Ways to Give Your Company a More Prestigious Image

A Classy Touch_ Little Ways to Give Your Company a More Prestigious Image

Running a business is no mean feat – it can be incredibly difficult to succeed, especially in times of economic instability. Many companies find themselves with limited resources but a need to grow and retain their customer base.

Often, ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ is the optimal phrase – it’s about finding small ways to make your company appear more and more professional. Building and maintaining trust with clients and customers is crucial, so here are some top tips on how to add a touch of class and boost your company’s image.

Have a dedicated phone number

This may seem like a simple tip, but having a dedicated phone number for your business is an essential step that is often overlooked. Many traders cut costs by using their personal phone numbers for business inquiries. A dedicated phone number, however, instantly makes your business seem credible. It will also ensure you maintain that all-important work-life balance.

Extend your email address

If you’re trying to give the impression that your business is on the larger side, try extending your company email addresses. Rather than ‘john at company.com’, which indicates there is only one John, go for ‘john.surname’, indicating there are probably more Johns – get it?

Get LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource for building your company profile. As well as being free, quick, and easy to use, it means you can grow a wide network of connections instantly. This makes your company seem bigger and better connected to your industry, encouraging customers and clients to work with you.

Print marketing

Although we live in a digital age, print marketing remains an effective tool for businesses. Simple gestures like handing out business cards or producing a booklet for your products can really give your company an edge. The fact that you’ve put time and money into creating a physical product gives customers the impression you mean business and that your company is reputable. Print materials can still be made in-house if you’ve got a limited budget. If you want to create highly premium and long-lasting finished brochures, you may want to consider a book binding machine from Duplo international.

Give your website a spruce

Most companies have a website (and if yours doesn’t, get to it!), but all too often companies become complacent about what’s on their website. Outdated information, incorrect contact details, and a lack of fresh content are common faux pas when it comes to company websites. Your website is often the first impression that people get of your business – it should show potential customers exactly what you’re about. Update as much of the content as you can yourself, but also seek advice from marketing staff and even web developers. It’s an investment worth making!

Take photos

Get into the habit of taking good photos of your products or services or hire professional photography from time to time. Good quality photos come in handy for your website, social media, and print materials, and help to add a sense of professionalism.