26 Things You Can Do to Make Irresistible Offer

Your offer is much more than your products and services that you sell. In large part, it is related to a battle between ecosystems that exist today for which I write in What are You Selling to Your Customers. Simply, you need irresistible offer if you want to succeed.

Irresistible offer is something that cannot be resisted, something that provides long-term success for your business. Because of that, you must try to implement different strategies and tactics to make your offers to be irresistible to your customers.

Below you can find 26 things that you as an entrepreneur can do to make your offer something irresistible.

1. Your offer must contain products and services plus everything else that will add value to the initial offer.

2. Ask your customers about their desires and incorporate them into your offer.

3. Ask potential customers about their desires and incorporate them into your offer.

4. Install enough persuasion highly into your sales team when they present it to the potential customers.

5. Always integrate social proof when you show your offer.

6. Use the law of reciprocity. Give something, to receive something

7. Make it transparent.

8. Don’t forget about precision in the content of the offer.

9. Be sure that it doesn’t need additional explanations or open questions about value and price.

10. Align the price with the real value that your current and potential customers will receive in return for their money.

11. Analyze the real needs of customers and potential customers, and be sure that they are explained.

12. Incorporate a call to action.

13. If you have the possibility and the offer is valuable for your customers, try to include more call to actions in different places.

14. Always make several versions of the initial offer and test their conversions. Based on the results make improvements.

15. Always at the beginning of the offer include an answer to the question: What’s in it for me?

16. Be sure that your offers always clearly describe the benefits, not the features.

17. Incorporate the problems that customers can solve with your offer.

18. Explain how the life of customers can be better and more straightforward if they accept your offer.

19. Use stories from current customers and their experience with you and your company.

20. Always try to incorporate the sense of urgency.

21. Add additional values.

22. Do not forget about uniqueness. People want to feel unique when they buy something.

23. Make it more straightforward and understandable. Let it be as much as shorter because only seconds are required for the next step’s decision of the potential customers.

24. Show the value and current positioning of your brand.

25. Do not forget to include the recommendations from existing customers everywhere where you can.

26. Create systems that will enable easy replication and spreading mechanisms of your offers.

Question: Do you have created irresistible offer? If you already have experience in creating an irresistible offer, what type of benefits your business has received?

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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