5 Businesses You Can Run From a Storage Unit

5 Businesses You Can Run From a Storage Unit

Would you like to own a small business but don’t know where to begin? There are plenty of great ideas out there, many of which you don’t even need to rent office space in order to run. In fact, many small businesses consider using a storage unit for their new business. Yes, you read that right.

Storage rental units usually serve as extra storage space, but they’re also great spaces for a small company. You can rent a storage unit at a more affordable price than an office. And, if your amenity requirements include a few desks, some lights, and storage space, this is the perfect option.

However, what if you have a storage unit and no business idea? Consider using select units as a workout space, rent them out to someone who has storage needs or offer to rent it to a professional organization with no office space. A self-storage unit is the best place to spread your entrepreneurial wings. You can sell retail items at low prices, set up a thrift store, or use it to fix cell phones or auto parts. If you do want to start a business and you’re just stumped for ideas, read on.

1. Launch an online store.

storage unit - online store

If you have good Wi-Fi and a storage facility you never use to store anything, an online store is a great idea. You can set up an order-fulfillment center for an e-commerce site, but that’s not always exciting. Instead, use your self-storage unit to create an excellent service that sells products you source from other stores.

If you’re good at refurbishing items, you can offer your services to a company that sells refurbished tablets or smartphones. The self-storage unit will serve as a great place for you to work. A self-storage unit is also a great place to store and sell items you buy from other stores. You can purchase items at low prices from local stores, list them online and package and ship them from your storage facility. You can also try sourcing handmade products from local artisans. Or, package and sell jams and preserves from local farms. Whatever product you choose, your self-storage unit will be a great place to store your wares until you send them to your customers.

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2. Start a content company.

One of the easiest ways to open a small company in a storage space is to start a content business. You don’t need much to start writing, apart from good Wi-Fi, laptops or tablets and perhaps a smartphone to answer client calls. You can concentrate without any noise in a storage unit and make sure your writing is your top priority.

It’s easy to find storage units at an affordable price, no matter where you live. And, if you’re just writing in it, you won’t need any special permits either. Looking for self-storage units in your area is a good idea, especially if you plan to hire a few people for your company. For example, a company like EZStorit has various options for storage units in San Diego. You can even also start a small publishing company from your storage unit. However, check legal requirements to ensure this is not against any local laws.

3. Open a photo studio.

storage unit - photography studio

Photographers need a place to develop their photos, space for all their equipment and a photo studio to shoot their subjects. It’s easier to get the first two, but what if you can’t afford a studio? A storage unit is the best way to get around this. With proper lighting and some fun backdrops, your models will have a great experience in this makeshift studio. If you’re an outdoor photographer, use it as a storage place for your equipment or as an office for your editing.

4. Bake and decorate custom cakes.

You can’t run a bakery from a storage unit, but you can still enter the dessert business. If you love cake toppers as much as you love cake, this is the perfect business for you. You can set up a small company selling edible cake toppers and other delicious decorations. From marzipan flowers to sugarcraft models, cake toppers don’t require refrigeration and dry well under artificial light. So, all you need is a table, decorating tools, and a few bright bulbs. You can create all of your confections in your self-storage space and sell them to happy customers.

5. Think of a thrift store.

Storage Unit - thrift store

Do you have old clothes you don’t need anymore? Or, are you good at looking for retail items at a great price and think you can turn a profit by selling some? Starting your second-hand shop in a storage space is a great way to use these skills. It’s like an updated version of a garage sale. You can advertise to find new customers on social media, set up a spur of the moment sale, or carefully curate items to sell at a great price. Everyone loves the excitement of. a pop-up shop, and this is a great way to have one of your own.