Small Business Advice: Permanently Eliminate Problem Causes

problem cause

Do you expect that your business will operate without problems? Or, do you think that you will become a successful entrepreneur without removing the problem cause?

Are you the type of person that all of your time spend solving different problems that some of them always repeat?

Are you have too much time for solving the same problems repeatedly?

Maybe your company will be without the problems, but only if your business is alone without customers, without competitors, operate outside of ecosystems, doesn’t have employees, doesn’t solve other people’s problems, doesn’t improve itself…

Is it possible? In cases of successful business, it’s impossible!

If it is true, it means that your business is dead. You don’t take action. You don’t grow your company. You don’t try to satisfy your customers. You don’t try to improve your business.

Remember one thing, you will not have problems only when your business is dead. Probably, you didn’t like that.

All the problems faced by you or your business have their own sources, their own causes. If you solve the problem without eliminating the problem cause, then you cannot expect that the same problem will not occur in the future.

Because of that, if you don’t want the same problem to occur again in the future, you’ll need to eliminate all causes of the current problem.

You are not a firefighter. You are an entrepreneur who prevents fire in your business. You are the person that when solving the problems always go one step further – to find causes of the problems and eliminate them for the possibilities of future occurrence.

This week’s small business advice: Solve your problems permanently, but also find causes and eliminate them. In such a way, you will make a continuous improvement of your business, and you can focus on new problems that will bring new improvements. It is much better to prevent than to solve!