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Go Big or Go Home: Creative Marketing Strategies for Bold Brands

Go Big or Go Home - Creative Marketing Strategies for Bold Brands

Are you interested in being more adventurous with your marketing strategy? Do you want to find ways to make a statement in the marketplace? If so, then you should learn all you can about innovative creative marketing tactics.

Doing so can separate your brand from your competitors. Rather than falling in line with the traditional way of doing things, your brand is mixing things up! It takes a mixture of boldness and tried-and-true strategies to get the best marketing strategy.

See below for a few creative marketing concepts that you can sprinkle into your marketing efforts to yield the best results possible!

Invest In Print Marketing Strategies

There will always be a place for offline marketing tactics in your company’s marketing strategy. Even though the online marketplace reigns supreme these days, offline marketing offers you the chance to get face-to-face with your clients.

Investing in things like business cards, sales brochures, printed invoices, catalogs, and mailing collateral encourages a personal connection. 

You can fuse your offline and online marketing by placing your social media addresses (Twitter handle, Instagram account, etc.) on all printed marketing materials.

Be sure to reach out to Team Concepts Printing to find the offline collateral you need in superior quality.

Find Any Excuse for a Video

Visual marketing is the most attractive form of advertising right now. It allows your brand to be more interactive, show off your personality, and tell your brand’s story in a whole new light. 

Do a complete audit of your website’s current content. How much of it is copy? Find any opportunity to introduce more video marketing into your content.

For example, if you’re looking to add testimonials to your site, ask a few customers to do in-person interviews that you can post. If you want to tell your brand’s story, hire a production company to tell the “why” behind your brand.

Prioritize Social Media Giveaways

Are you wanting to make your brand appear more generous? Looking to drive the point home that you’re more interested in building relationships with clients rather than making the quick sale? Social media giveaways can create that impression.

It can also help you gain more followers, encourage more conversation on your posts, or lead to more brand exposure.

Try to run a few social media giveaways each month. Be upfront about the prize, set the guidelines for how to participate, and set a deadline. You’ll be surprised what a few giveaways can do for you prospecting and sales conversion rates!

Give These Creative Marketing Ideas a Try Today

Now that you’ve seen a few creative marketing ideas to get the juices flowing, be sure to integrate them into your marketing strategy.

Start with step one. Start thinking through attractive ways that you can integrate print marketing into your day-to-day. How can it help your company? In what ways can print marketing help you reach your marketing goals?

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on creative and bold marketing, as well as many other helpful topics.

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