Dear Web Developer: Here’s All You Need to Know About Technical SEO

Your business website is crucial for your online marketing, as all your advertising channels are usually leading towards it. What is more, it has a very significant role in gathering traffic from organic search results. Nevertheless, companies often neglect this tool and not have it designed (or redesigned) in accordance with advanced technical SEO standards. It should be remembered that even if a website looks very appealing and is convenient to use, it cannot win the race in the search engines if it is not well-optimized. For this reason, many companies invest in professional optimization services, sometimes even adjusted to a particular industry, such as casino SEO.

Even if an entrepreneur is not aware of how significant technical SEO is, a web developer should certainly have advanced knowledge in this matter and apply the best practices while creating or modifying a site. To sum up all the crucial information, we have prepared a short guide on the most important aspects of this method. Let’s jump right into it!

What Is Technical SEO?

The most well-known on-page and off-page SEO optimization methods are undoubtedly content creation and backlinks. There should be no duplicate content, the texts should be engaging and appropriately long, with the keywords used by potential clients, and a website should get many valuable links from reliable sources to rank higher. However, that is certainly not everything. To achieve proper results, advanced technical SEO also needs to be implemented. It is actually the backbone of a website, helping your pages rank high for vital keywords in a search engine. Technical SEO audits allow you to check if a site meets all the requirements used by algorithms to rank pages, and if it is indexed and crawled properly. So, what an excellent web developer should do to optimize a website thoroughly? Let’s find out!

Canonicalize the URLs Properly

One of the most common flaws found on websites is that many URLs direct to the same page. Usually, it happens due to some server problems or improper content management. For instance, a site with failed URL canonicalization can have such links, as:


All of these URLs lead to the same page, but search engines perceive them as different from each other. As a result, a website can be seen as spammy because of having identical content on many URLs. Therefore, while performing an advanced technical SEO audit, make sure that the URL canonicalization is done correctly.

Take Care of the Site Speed

The times when we were used to waiting for a website to load are long gone. Nowadays, in this fast-living era, if a user has to look at the loading icon for more than just 2 seconds, they are very likely to close the site and go to another one. Hence, a crucial aspect of the advanced technical SEO audit is also page speed.

In order to make a website load faster, you can perform two important operations:

  • Choose a simple design. Keep in mind that even if a more sophisticated template may be visually appealing, the more elements are there, the longer it takes to load a page, and the worse it is for your SEO.
  • Adjust the visuals. Large images take more time to load, and they noticeably slow down a website. Therefore, it is highly recommended to reduce the pictures’ size so that they are not too heavy, both for SEO and usability.

Check If Your Site Is Crawlable in the Robots.txt File

You can have a fast website with a lot of excellent content, but if it cannot be crawled and indexed by search engines, it does not improve your SEO at all. For this reason, one of the most significant steps in taking care of the technical SEO is making sure that everything is all right with the robots.txt file. It is always the first point of interest when any web-crawling software reaches your website, so it needs proper attention. It provides crucial information on which elements of a website should and should not be crawled by “allowing” and “disallowing” particular user agents to reach it. This file is publically available and can be opened simply by adding /robots.txt to the end of a chosen root domain.

Use Structured Data Markup

Another common trend for supporting technical SEO is the use of structured data markup. It is a technique of making the content more presentable before a search engine can reach it. When you decide if it is supposed to be more of a business details site with your address and contact data, a page presenting your blog posts, or anything else, use structured data to ensure that the search engine will interpret it correctly.

It will improve technical SEO to a large extent, and it will help your site to appear in the search results in a more communicable way – for example, with expanded meta-tags, rich snippets, and much other beneficial data that can contribute to beating the competitors. One of the profits of applying structured data is that you can easily find any errors and understand how to add a markup on your website in a smarter way.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, people often tend to browse the internet on their smartphones and tablets even more than on their computers, so making your website mobile-friendly is truly vital. If your site is not optimized in this area, you can apply Google’s Mobile-Indexing approach so that the most popular search engine can index your domain. Apart from improving your SEO, it can help you decrease your bounce rate. If everything works well on a smartphone, its user is definitely more likely to stay and familiarize themselves with the offer than if they encounter any problem with navigation loading time, etc.


Apart from taking care of content optimization and backlinks, it’s important to implement all the best technical SEO practices. For example, it includes URL canonicalization, which makes it possible to systematize the structure of a website and get rid of unnecessary URLs. It is also necessary to make the website load fast, be crawlable for the search engine robots, and take care of its proper structure. Moreover, adapting the site to mobile devices can help to both improve SEO and prevent users from leaving without even reading the presented offer.

After familiarizing yourself with the most significant guidelines on technical SEO, now you know what you must take care of for sure. However, you can go even further and find a reliable, complete guide that will help you improve your SEO to an even larger extent and be ranked higher by a search engine than the competitors. Good luck!

Dragan Sutevski

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