Start an Instagram Account for Your Business

When it comes to Instagram, the numbers speak for themselves. This photo-sharing site has more than one billion active monthly users, and more than 200 million of these users visit a business profile daily.

And that’s not all, while Facebook is known for bringing family and friends’ closer Insta is the perfect site for brands.

With IG, you can put a face to your business and highly engage your audience with the help of organic Instagram growth services such as SimplyGram.

So, if you are still on the side-lines when it comes to marketing your brand on Instagram, you’re doing your business a disservice.

Not really sure how to get your business on this social media site? Here’s how to start an Instagram account for your business.

How to set up your Instagram Business Account

If you’re already on Instagram, setting up a business account isn’t difficult. You can even convert your personal account to a business one if it has a good following.

However, if you prefer to create a new business account for your brand, here’s how to do it.

i. Download the IG app

Download the Instagram app from Google Play, Apple iOS, or windows app store depending on the mobile phone or tablet you’re using.

 ii. Sign up

Create an account by signing up with your email address or phone number and enter a username and your password.

If you use an email address to sign up, we recommend you use your business email account as it will be easier to find contacts using the find friends’ Instagram feature.

You can also use your Facebook account to sign up, but be aware that the account created will be based on your Facebook profile.

 iii. Connect to your Facebook business page

If you already have a Facebook business page you can link it to your new Instagram business account. Remember, you will only be able to link up to Facebook pages that you are the admin.

 iv. Set up your profile

It’s now time to add important details about your business such as the name, business location, opening hours, contacts among others.

Here are a few tips to remember when setting up the various sections of your business account profile.

  • Username – When creating a username, you should use your business name or something close to it. This helps IG users who know your business to recognize it. It also distinguishes your personal profile from your business profile. Besides, with a business name such as Sweet cakes bakery, people can easily understand what your business is all about
  • Profile picture – Ensure you use a professional photo that is a good representation of your business. Avoid group photos and if you must use your picture, ensure you use a professional one. Your brand’s logo is also a good option when it comes to choosing your business profile picture.
  • Bio – In this part, you should give a brief on what your business is about and why others should care. Remember this is the only part where you can include a clickable URL so, don’t forget to link up to your website. Your bio is also limited to 150 characters so make the information count. But not to worry if you feel what you have written isn’t perfect as you can always change your bio information.

Benefits of an Instagram Business Account

You may be wondering if a business account is really worth it when you already have a personal profile. Here are the major differentiators.

  • Access to analytics using the view insights button
  • The Instagram business account is more customer-friendly as it offers tools such as the contact button.
  • You can enable auto-posting in your IG business account
  • Has the swipe up feature that users can use to swipe directly to your website
  • A business account allows you to boost your posts

Congratulations, now you’re the proud owner of a new IG business account. You are all set up to follow and like other users’ content as you build a following for your brand.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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