Before Selling There Are More Things You Need To Do


Are you trying to sell after the first contact with a person, your potential customers? What are your selling approaches?

Are you a type of entrepreneur who want to sell without knowledge about the real needs of your potential customer?

Several days before, I receive an email from one entrepreneur. The email was something like this:

Hi Dragan, your friend told me about you, and I just want to send you my contact details, so we can develop some possible collaborations in the future.

A simple email, without nothing more about their work. However, I agree and send him my contact details and explain how he can contact me on different channels.

After my email was sent, immediately after several minutes I receive another email from the same entrepreneur. The content was something like this:

Now, because I know everything about your work, remain only if you would like to buy my product.

Only one sentence where he explains that he know everything about my work and now is trying to sell something without any explanations about what I will get if I buy from him.

First, he didn’t know anything more than 10% of my work, how he can claim that he know everything. Never say that you know everything about your potential customers, because, in reality, you can’t know everything about them.

Second, if he wants to sell in the second email, he must explain what will be the benefits for me. How I will know that there is something worth for me if he don’t explain me? Because of that, you must explain the benefits, not the features that your potential customers will receive.

He must answer to the question: What is in it for me?

Third, in the first email he wants to build collaboration with me, not to sell me. Because of that I answer to the first email, but I didn’t answer to the second email because there is nothing from the first email.

What You Need to Do Before You Start to Sell? The Selling Process Don’t Start With Sales

Yes, selling process doesn’t start with your trying to sell something to your potential customers. There are more things you will need to do.

Before you try to sell something you must:

  • Learn as much as possible about the person who you want to become your customer.
  • Build some relationships based on trust.
  • Explain what you are working and what are the benefits of your products and services without sales options.
  • Explain the problems that you and your business solve.
  • Explain how you and your business help other persons to solve the problems that they have.
  • Make a really irresistible offer with the benefits, prices and call for action.
  • Listen to the reaction of potential customers.
  • Test different offers with different calls to action.
  • Align your offer based on potential customer’s feedback.