Can You Operate an Online Casino in Canada?

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The online casino industry in Canada has marked significant growth for the past few years. And it is expected more and more casino operators to enter the Canadian gambling market to compete for a share. But is it that simple to start and operate an online casino in Canada?

In this article, we share the details of operating a Canadian online casino website and what you should know about the related laws.

Only the local government has the right to run casino websites on the territory of Canada. However, there are many offshore online casinos available to Canadians  which operate completely legally. This is because there is no law that forbids them as long as they are registered by an authorized agency, such as Malta Gaming Authority.

There are a number of hoops that online casinos have to go through when offering real money games. You’ll learn in the next section that the process involves using certified software, secure payment methods, a legally owned domain, and a properly set up bank account.

What are the requirements to operate a casino in Canada?

Obtaining a license:

The first step as described above is to obtain a license from an established gaming authority. The most popular options for Canadian casinos is the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. You can check to see if an online casino has a gaming license to be sure that it’s a trustworthy place to make a deposit and gamble.

Online websites will have the license information in the footer. You should scroll down to the bottom to check for yourself before making the first deposit.

Certified software and game providers:

The games offered by a casino are typically not made by them. Software providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt are the software providers that design those games. They are responsible for the quality and integrity of the games.

Casinos that want to operate in Canada should offer games from trusted software providers of the gambling industry. There is a lot to choose from but you will often see the same handful of popular options.

Secure payment methods:

The money deposited by gamblers must be secure and it’s a big deal when opening a casino. There is a limited number of deposit and withdrawal options that casinos can use if they don’t want any legal trouble.

It’s often the case that the payment method companies provide security features. However, the casino can also use internal checks if they spot suspicious transaction activity.

Legally owned domain:

The casino operator must buy the domain name they want to use as the brand. Ideally, the casino brand name and domain are an identical match. It decreases the confusion and adds another layer of legitimacy.

Operational gambling company and bank account:

The casino must register as a gambling company and have a bank account that can handle player money legally. The documents and transactions must be recorded correctly so that government officials can inspect when needed. It’s a component of casino provider operators that are scrutinized because of the troubled history of the industry.


To summarize, there are a lot of hoops to jump through if you want to open an online casino in Canada to offer real money gambling action to locals. However, there is a methodical process in place and many casinos have already opened. New casinos can open quickly if they follow the rules.

The situation for launching a casino website in Canada would be easier if the government granted gaming licenses so there needs to be change. However, companies have to seek for solutions offshore, which is where the games are limited to.

The Canadian gambling market is growing every year because casino operators understand that there is a big player base. In the coming years expect more casinos to open in Canada to offer even more variety.