Trendy Ways to Advertise Your Company

Today, online marketing is a must for any brand. Effective ads increase traffic, which results in higher sales and revenues. Here is a look at the most effective forms of advertising which are also innovative.

Some companies contact site owners and place ads directly. This can be costly and complicated. A quicker and cheaper way is to work through a native advertising platform, for instance,, or via publisher ad network as it connects you to a group of publishers at once. Such providers can help you develop popunders, banners, push notifications, in-page ads, and more. If you want to get creative, consider these three novelties.

1. Geofencing Advertising

This form is location-specific. Companies may target a certain area, like a university campus, and surround it with a virtual fence. Once an individual enters the zone, they are added to the remarketing audience. Afterward, the advertiser can influence their shopping behavior or other decisions.

Geofencing is a novel and innovative way to reach potential customers. It is also possible to create a fence around your competitor’s location. Their customers can discover your brand and change their preferences.

Whole Foods achieved impressive results with its geofencing strategy. The chain erected a virtual fence around each of its retail locations. Once a customer crossed the boundary, they received notifications inviting them to visit a Whole Foods store nearby. These alerts included information about enticing promotions.

This was combined with an aggressive ‘geo-conquest.’ Virtual fences were also placed around rival stores, so visitors received enticing offers from Whole Foods. As a result, the post-click conversion rate was three times higher than the national average, i.e., 4.7%.

2. Influencer Advertising

This format is not merely a fad. Today, it is used by companies of all sizes. On average, this form of advertising has an ROI of $6.50 for every dollar. Businesses contact influencers to raise brand awareness, build trust, and boost sales. Influencers (for example, famous bloggers) may also participate in your marketing campaign.

For the Hershey Company, the results have been impressive. The company launched its promotion campaign for Hot Cocoa Kisses on YouTube, which included influencer advertising. YouTube stars created content promoting the product, and the company advertised it via paid ads. Eventually, the brand received $9+ million in retail sales thanks to a fivefold increase in searches and a 12% increase in purchase intent.

3. Amazon Advertising

Today, over half of all product searches begin on Amazon. Advertising on this platform is among the best methods for e-stores, as well as other businesses. Through Amazon Advertising, you can promote your brand on Amazon product pages, search results, etc. Since Amazon owns sites like IMDb, the potential is not limited to e-commerce.

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The Bottom Line

These are some of the latest creative advertising methods. Do not disregard the potential of more conventional forms and the importance of an attractive website. A lot can still be achieved with push ads, in-page ads, content marketing, and other methods. The more channels you use — the better.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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