Marketing Emails for Holiday Campaigns: 5 Secrets to Kick Off a Successful Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming around and that means that you should begin targeting those holiday shoppers with your email marketing campaign.

Holiday campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, but you have a whole month (and some change) to work out what works best for you and your customers. Why not get started early? 

We want to help you develop a holiday marketing campaign that works. Holiday emails can give your customer a bit of cheer, but there are always mistakes to be made.

Keep reading for a few secrets and tricks of the trade for developing a great holiday email marketing campaign. 

1. Don’t Always Be Too Specific

The holiday season is diverse, and it shouldn’t only cater to one kind of audience. This means that it can benefit you to either recognize a range of holidays (Jewish and Christian holidays included, amongst others) or be broad with your language.

While some holidays are almost universal in the United States (such as Thanksgiving and New Year) others are not. If you have an audience that spans across countries, Thanksgiving and Black Friday may not apply.

Be careful with your language and try not to leave anyone out! 

2. Be Cheerful

Who wants a dry holiday email? Not us! We want to feel the holiday cheer from the subject line through the end. 

Make sure to use happy language and consider fitting a few holiday references between the more informative bits of your newsletters. This will keep people reading and give them a warmer feeling towards your company. 

3. Offer Value

Any good email marketing campaign should include emails that provide value for your customers, but this is extra true (and extra easy!) during the holidays.

Consider including holiday freebies (don’t worry, we don’t mean products) in your email that is appropriate for your industry or website. 

For example, if you’re in the food industry, consider adding in a recipe for a holiday dessert. If you’re in clothing, try something along the lines of winter style tips. 

If you’re willing to throw something special to your subscribers, consider a special holiday sale or coupon that’s just for them!

4. Use Holiday Colors

Red, Green, Blue, and White are the most common holiday colors for design purposes, though if you’re starting in autumn you can include some of those warm autumnal colors as well.

Aiming for backgrounds and text in those colors (though not in the email text itself, text on photos or designs, rather) is a great way to catch the eye of your subscribers and give them that holiday cheer. 

5. Consider Increasing Frequency

This is a risky game and it depends on how frequent your emails are already. Creating an “advent calendar” of sales or helpful emails (remember those recipes?) is a great way to increase your frequency (temporarily) without being annoying. 

This is going to be a guess-and-check situation, so see what happens when you start and be willing to drop it if your customer base isn’t into it. 

That said, no one has ever turned down 25 days of deals. 

Holiday Campaigns are On the Way; Are You Ready?

Successful holiday campaigns aren’t difficult. This is the time of year where people know that they’re going to be marketed to and they expect the emails to ramp up. 

You need to have the marketing campaigns with the catchiest headlines and the most value to stand out in the crowd! You’ve got this covered.  For more posts on advertising, marketing, and more, check out the rest of what we have to offer on our site!

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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