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For everyone working in an office, office supplies are an essential part of staying organized, comfortable, and productive. No matter whether you’re an administrator or office manager who needs to equip a new workspace, or you’re just starting a new job, you need to know which supplies can help you do your work better. Some offices require the use of specialized equipment like 3D printers, while others use the same equipment as any other industry, such as a trolley for office use that will help you move items in and out of the office conveniently.

Stocking your office space and workstation with all the essential items before you need them allows you to be as productive as possible and reduces the time needed to order new supplies and have them delivered. Some items you’ll only need to buy once, while others will have to be resupplied every now and then. And since every office is home to a large variety of professions with different needs and functions, there are a few categories of office equipment and supplies you should keep in mind when making your shopping list.

A Stock of Different Types of Paper

Even though most office environments are becoming digitized, making and keeping paper records and documents is still common practice. These things can be a key part of how employees inside the office communicate and how you reach out to clients. Any time you send a memo, mail a letter, take notes, or print a report, you’ll need paper to do it on. That being said, you should consider sticky notes, notebooks, butcher paper, printer paper, graph paper, calendars, planners, business cards, receipt paper, envelopes, etc.

Shipping Supplies

Businesses that have to deal with ingoing and outgoing mail will need shipping supplies. Some businesses that sell products may require large-scale shipping operations, while others may require only basic mailing supplies. Shipping supplies may include boxes, tape, padded envelopes, styrofoam, trolleys barcode scanners, plastic wrap, scale, etc. Additionally, many businesses need to transport various items within the building itself and this is where a quality trolley for office use can be of great help.

office equipment - shipping

The best way to facilitate the lugging of mail, paper, folders, and other things from one place to another is with the help of an office trolley. There are trolleys with 2,3,4 or more tiers. The more tiers the trolley has, the easier it would be to organize the items and the more storage you will have. You can use the trolley as a computer cart, or for storing some common tools needed around the office.

Some trolleys for offices can also have drawers so you can even use them as portable storage units. Then, you can buy a folding trolley that can be conveniently stored away when not in use. All trolleys for office use have handles and swivel casters for easy maneuverability.

Besides taking care of the tedious task of transporting documents, trolleys for office use can also reduce the risk of workplace injuries. After all, it’s not only paper that needs to be transported from one place to another. Sometimes you’d need to move heavier boxes or other things and using a heavy-duty office trolley is certainly a lot safer than carrying the load yourself. Considering how lifting and carrying heavy items is a common cause of back injuries, relying on a trolley is certainly the smart thing to do.

Organization Supplies

Organization office supplies will help you keep a track of tasks, their completion, and sort items together, allowing you to easily identify key documents and keep them in a conveniently accessible location. These supplies can also be used to indicate your workflow procedures, allowing others to access important items when you aren’t in the office and make notes of changes or updates they’ve made when you weren’t there.

office equipment - organization

Some of the most important and useful organization supplies are binders, markers, highlighters, pens and pencils, staplers and staples, planners, hole punches, paperclips, scissors, pushpins, rubber bands, stamps, desk organizers.

Cleaning  Equipment

Having a clean and sanitized work environment is now more important than ever. Ensuring everyone is healthy should be the number one priority in these COVID-19 times. Even businesses that have janitorial staff should have cleaning supplies available for everyone to use and keep their personal work area tidy and clean.

You should provide supplies for both light and heavy cleaning that everyone has access to, such as suitable waste disposal containers, trash cans, wet wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, glass cleaners, soap, hand sanitizer, dustpans, mops, brooms, buckets, air freshener, rubber gloves, vacuums, etc.

Emergency and Safety Essentials

Having emergency and safety supplies like a first-aid kit is crucial to ensure you’re prepared for emergencies, and you can respond as quickly as possible to accidents should they occur. These supplies help both employees and visitors get appropriate care and attention should they injure themselves. Safety equipment can help limit risks, prevent accidents and respond to hazardous situations if they occur.

office equipment - emergency and safety

Keeping a range of these supplies and re-stocking them regularly is very important. Further, your employees should know where to find them and how to use them. These supplies include a flashlight, fire extinguisher, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, gloves, blankets, gauze, bandages, alcohol towelettes, itch cream, wet floor signs, instant ice packs, safety pins, antihistamines, etc.

Storage Equipment

You need to have a place to store all of the aforementioned office supplies. Storage equipment makes it easy to designate a spot for your supplies and keep the office organized, thus increasing productivity. Before you invest in storage equipment, you have to think about what you need to store, how much space you can devote to the storage area, and how often will you need to access it. Some of the most popular storage supplies and solutions for office workplaces are shelves, filing cabinets, bookcases, safes, storage bins, drawer dividers, storage racks, pencil cases, trunks, baskets, etc.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is more expensive than all of the aforementioned items, but you get the most benefits out of it by far. Ensuring your employees are comfortable, healthy, and productive should be the number one priority for every office manager. Most people who work in an office rely on ergonomic furniture to improve their productivity and be comfortable while working. Besides getting ergonomic furniture for the personal workspace of every employee, offices need quality furniture for their waiting areas, conference rooms, and other shared spaces.

office equipment - storage

When buying ergonomic office furniture, consider what features are useful to each individual employee. For instance, some people may prefer a standing desk, while others may prefer a traditional desk. Some people like working on a rolling chair, while others want to reap the benefits of an exercise ball.

Monitor stands are also another piece of office furniture that can significantly increase the quality of life of your employees. They free up desk space and allow employees to adjust their monitors to the ideal angle, height, and position. There are other items that you may find useful, but an ergonomic office chair, height-adjustable desks, and monitor arms or stands are the most sought after by far.

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