How to Get the Most Out of a Car Accident Lawsuit

If you have ever been involved in a car accident you know that sometimes the aftermath can be a long and costly process that can only add to your trauma of the accident itself. More often than not, the person who suffered because of someone else’s negligence gets wronged because they aren’t aware of the intricate details and rules of conduct which can help them pursue all the funds they’re due. Filing a lawsuit can help you get the maximum compensation.

Never Leave the Scene

The time right after the collision is the hardest time to stay calm and keep your wits, but that is exactly what you need to do. First and the most important thing is to stay right where you are. Legal experts at state that you need to calmly park your car on the side of the road and exit the vehicle to keep further causing damage and to not be accused of a hit-and-run. If for any reason you feel unsafe and don’t want to do that, immediately go to the nearest police station.

Collect Personal Statements 

One of the crucial steps is to collect personal information from the other driver. That includes the names, the contacts, and, if possible, the name of their car insurance company. Additionally, if there are any third-party witnesses, make sure to do the same with them. Their statements could bring your case even more credibility and be the decisive factor. Make sure to assess the scene and try to find out if there are any video cameras nearby, to help you corroborate your claims.

Gather As Much Evidence As Possible

After you calm your thoughts, keep an eye open for any detail. Take a good look at your surroundings and remember anything that could further prove your allegations. Some of the things you should try spotting are:

  •  the license plates
  • location and position of both cars
  • physical damage

In the present day, nearly every person keeps their mobile phone by their side at all times. If you can, take photos of the scene. Having hard evidence will aid you in the court of law. It would also help you get the full picture, as you can revise those photographs later and notice something that you missed in your state of shock.

Call the Law Enforcement

Calling emergency services in case of an accident is not only necessary for getting help quickly but in some countries and states, it is illegal not to do so. They will protect the crime scene and do the investigation. You will give your statement to the first responders, and that statement is as important as any other. It is also a common ground for making mistakes because a lot of victims are in shock and make some claims that could be construed into an admittance of guilt. Law enforcement appraisal counts as evidence at the trial. 

Watch Your Every Word

You have to stay consistent with your statements. If you claim that you are traumatized or hurt and you go partying or post happy quotes to your social media, you will not be taken seriously. It is best to keep to yourself during the legal proceedings. Additionally, you should watch what you are saying at all times, especially after the accident. You should never apologize or say anything that could be interpreted as admitting guilt or offering excuses. As bad as it sounds, you should turn off your conscience and keep your cool as much as you can. 

Medical Information

Take notice of every little pain in your body. Firstly go to the emergency room and later contact your personal doctor, who will assess your physical state and build your medical record. It is important to remember not to disclose it to the insurance company of the other driver, as it can be used against you. Insurance companies do what’s best for their firm and will try to convince you to take a settlement. Another good tip is that you should schedule physical therapy despite how light your injuries are. Detailed medical information is crucial in building a strong case. If you play your cards right you could even get the full coverage on your medical bills.

car accident lawsuit medical report

Even though this process sounds tiring and complicated, it is not. Find a good personal injury attorney and consult them at every step of the way. Insurance companies will try to find a way to blame you, so try not to reveal any details to anyone except your legal help and law enforcement. Stay persistent and patient. If you are a victim of wrongful conduct, you shouldn’t settle for anything else than you deserve and make the most out of a horrible situation.

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