10 Questions That Will Help You to Improve Sales Tomorrow

You have a business because you sell something to your customers. You are selling products and services that solve problems for your customers. But, also, you are selling more than your products and services, or everything that you have in your total offer. You need to put effort to improve sales tomorrow.

However, one important question, that you as an entrepreneur must ask yourself every day is: did you sell something today?

What’s your answer to this question? Think about the power of this question and where will bring you looking for answers. This is an important thing for your small business.

Improve sales tomorrow when you sell something today…

If your answer to this question is yes, then you must ask yourself and give an answer to the following questions:

1. What did I succeed to sell today?

Because you already make sales, you need to look at what you succeed to sell. This is a starting point for your continuous improvement process when it comes to sales processes.

2. Why did I succeed to sell exactly that products and services and not something else?

The next question is related to the process you have in place that brings the sales results for your company. This is why I succeed to sell something to my customers today.

3. What type of problems solves the products and services that I sell today?

Now, you can think about the problems that buyers solve with the purchase of your products and services.

4. What I can learn from my buyers that purchase products and services from me today?

Because you already know what types of problems you solve for your customers, you can think about learning. What you can learn from the answers to these questions. Especially think about possibilities to improve sales tomorrow. Don’t think about big improvements. Think about small improvements that will bring you success in the long run.

5. What I make in the past that it brings customers to my business today?

So, now you can look at your previous efforts to increase sales numbers or to bring customers inside your sales funnel.

6. What do I make in the past that didn’t bring customers today?

Not everything that you have done will bring customers to your small business today. So, it is important to evaluate your previous efforts and see what works and what doesn’t work.

7. How I can improve my activities in bringing customers to my company that will purchase my products and services?

Because you already know what works and what doesn’t work, you can simply try to find places ready to improve sales tomorrow. In such a way you enter an endless cycle of continuous improvement on an everyday basis.

8. How I can improve my products and services?

Now, it is time for improvement. So, how you can improve your products and services as a central point of your total offer? Answering this question you will need to define some next steps that will bring improvements to your products and services.

9. How I can improve my overall offer?

Now you can work on defining several steps you need to take in order to improve your overall offer from tomorrow.

10. How can I increase my sales tomorrow for X%?

And this is the last question. Yes, give yourself a target for tomorrow’s results related to your sales.

These are essential questions which answers will lead you to a continuous improvement process of your sales function and your overall business.

When you don’t sell anything today…

If your answer to the question is no, then you must ask and answer the following questions:

  • Why I didn’t sell anything today?
  • What I make yesterday that can have implications on my sales process today?
  • What I must do if I want to start selling?
  • Did I do something in the past that can bring me more buyers for my business?
  • What I did in the past didn’t work?

Your business and your entrepreneurial career require you to ask questions and answer those questions. However, don’t forget to improve yourself and your business with knowledge from particular answers.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

Dragan Sutevski is a founder and CEO of Sutevski Consulting, creating business excellence through innovative thinking. Get more from Dragan on Twitter. Contact Dragan