The 6 Elements of Modern Web Design

6 Elements of Modern Web Design

Your web design is crucial for your website’s success as well as engagement. Gone are the times when websites that looked like newspaper front pages were in trend; those websites used to be packed with essay-like information.

Web designs of today are all about sophistication and minimalism. White space on your website is very important. Phoenix Website design brings all new web trends to their designs. 6 essential elements of modern web design that you need to watch out for in the next year years are as follows:

1. Unique Typography

You do not want your website to look boring, and one way to bring some glam to your website is by choosing unique typography. You must remember while choosing font and style that it should be unique to your brand. A lot of big brands choose particular typography so that their customers instantly recognize them. This helps in building a rapport with the customers.

2. Minimal Design

We can never emphasize this enough, minimal design is important. When it comes to your web design, always remember that less is more. You want to have enough space on your website to let your audience focus and get some clarity. Bombarding information on your customers is never recommended. It is also better for you; the website will load quicker with less stuff on it, which will improve the performance.

3. Background Videos

Background videos are a win-win for your business. With videos running in the background, the information you present on the website will be significantly reduced. You can tell your business story through the video or run client testimonials that way. When you reduce the website’s written information, it entices your customer to explore your website more and this will land them on the video.

4. Responsive Design

Responsive design is another essential element of your web design. In recent years, we have seen that people have shifted towards mobile surfing and browsing since it is more convenient. To cater to the audience, your website should be responsive to mobile devices and tablet devices. This makes your website more professional.

5. Hamburger Menus

For many, this might be an odd term, but we ensure that you are very well aware of it. It refers to the hidden menu bar that pops out when you press on those three lines on the left upper corner of the website. These make sure that the menu doesn’t take a lot of space on the screen.

6. Large Product Images

If you have a product-based business, you would understand that the client only buys what he sees. That is why large product images on the website ensure more visual information to the customer. Usually, the B2B websites display large product images to emphasize the different features of the products.

These are just the top 6 picks of essential web design elements that you need to watch out for in the coming year. Some elements are required or are essential for your business type, go ahead, and add them to your web design. Our web design will always be original to your business aesthetics.

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