When You Should Contact A Semi Accident Lawyer

The physical injuries and financial burden stemming from a semi truck accident can be a tedious experience for victims, who can be another driver, a pedestrian, or truck drivers themselves. For this reason, it’s important to contact a semi truck accident lawyer in certain times and instances, which will be discussed below for faster resolution of your case.

As Soon As You Can In Severe Injuries

Contact a semi truck accident lawyer as soon as possible, most especially if you’ve been severely injured from a semi truck accident. You can get professional legal help and advice as to the next steps you have to take to easily resolve the case. 

If you’re physically or emotionally incapable of hiring a semi truck attorney, you can ask a family member or relative to make inquiries immediately to find a qualified truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

When You Need Immediate Settlement

Who wants to tackle a semi truck accident case for a long period? A semi truck accident lawyer can help resolve your case through a truck accident settlement. Victims of a semi truck accident need to receive just compensation from the at-fault parties. Your lawyer can provide expert legal advice as to what mistakes to avoid if you want the immediate settlement of your case.

Here are some tips for immediate settlement of your case:

  • Never Admit Liability: It’s important to notify the police authorities about the semi truck accident right away. But, avoid divulging any information that could incriminate you and compromise your case. All you have to do is to explain the facts that led to the incident. When explaining the events and filing an insurance claim, keep the descriptions short. The insurance company will contact you if ever they need you to provide more information. If this happens, you can refer the insurance provider to your lawyer for proper assistance. 
  • Gather Enough Evidence: Before leaving the accident scene, gather pieces of evidence, such as video footage, pictures, police report, and eyewitness information and statements. Take photos of visible injuries and damage to your car.
  • Contact The Police As Soon As Possible: Don’t delay calling the police. It’s important to have emergency responders on the scene to provide first aid to injured drivers and passengers, as well as other people who got involved in the accident. 

Need To Gather Evidence of Liability

A semi truck accident case likely involves federal trucking regulation violations unique to commercial truck accidents. Semi trucks and trailers are subject to complicated laws requiring in-depth analysis and guidance of a dedicated semi truck attorney. An experienced trucking accident lawyer understands the rules and regulations applying to commercial trucks, including the legal implications of a trucking company or a truck driver’s negligence.

Your lawyer will help gather and preserve truck accident evidence of liability, including the following:

  • The driver’s logbook
  • Skid marks at the accident scene
  • Evidence collected from the damaged vehicles
  • The truck driver’s blood alcohol concentration test results
  • The GPS and other data capture devices
  • Truck driver background investigation, including past violations
  • Truck maintenance records (evidence of poor maintenance and mismanagement)

When The Trucking Or Insurance Company Is Not Interested

If the trucking company or the insurance provider is not interested in providing just an amount of compensation, consider hiring a semi truck lawyer as soon as possible. Here’s how a semi truck attorney can help deal with the insurance and trucking companies:

  • Provide the necessary evidence and documents to help prove your claim.
  • A good lawyer has excellent negotiation skills to urge the other party to settle the case immediately to avoid legal consequences.
  • Take the matter to court if the at-fault party doesn’t provide fair monetary compensation or the trucking company displays inappropriate behavior toward the injured truck driver or the victim.

You Cannot Handle The Case Yourself

If you’re too severely injured or is not mentally prepared to handle a legal case on your own, hiring a lawyer is your best option. It will eliminate the heavy burden of gathering relevant evidence or interviewing witnesses to the truck accident. In this way, you can focus on the most important aspects of your life, like your family life, business, or career.


It’s important to contact a semi truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. In this way, you’ll be given expert advice as to the necessary steps you have to take. You don’t want to risk the outcome of the case by delaying hiring a lawyer. 

As much as possible, the evidence must be gathered and preserved, most especially the statements of witnesses like securing video footage of the accident scene. If you can’t handle your case, hiring a lawyer will help reduce your legal problem.

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