What Are the 5 Greatest Challenges When It Comes to Content Delivery?

Any savvy business owner knows that in order to retain customers and grow their business it is absolutely essential to providing a first-class experience, and that includes content delivery in a timely manner.

You can enjoy simplified content delivery, for example, and you will also need to meet the following challenges head-on.

A performance to be proud of

All of your customers expect your business to perform to the highest level at all times and it is essential that you review all applications on a regular basis to ensure that you have a great content delivery consistently.

For instance, if you are providing video content on your site the image quality and frame rate have to be of a sufficient grade and quality to deliver a smooth playback and an excellent customer experience.

All devices welcome

Another important challenge to address is your ability to offer fast load times and a good navigation experience regardless of which type of device your customers are using to access your site.

A high percentage of internet users will be accessing content via their smartphone and if your site is not designed to cope with different formats some of your audience won’t enjoy the experience and probably won’t return.

Make sure that your site can identify the type of device that your guest is using so that your content delivery is great however it is being viewed.

Scaling up

Another major challenge that too many businesses fail at is planning for growth.

A typical scenario would be when your website is in its infancy and the basic web hosting solution you are using is able to cope with the traffic coming through. However, as your audience grows so does your need to scale up and deliver the right performance level to a larger number of visitors.

Make sure that all of the components of your site can cope with growth.

Reaching a global audience

It is a simple fact that it can often be the case that user experience can quickly deteriorate if the content your delivering has further to travel.

In other words, you need to be aware of geographic constraints and regulatory challenges so that you can deliver great content globally as well as locally.

Organic growth

As your business grows you will need to find the right people to help you on that journey and internal resource constraints can be a serious hindrance to your desired progress.

It often pays to have an honest evaluation of your own technical limitations and resources as this will allow you the opportunity to hire the right in-house talent you need, or source the help you need from an external resource.

Using a content delivery platform can resolve a lot of these issues and if that aspect of your business is taken care of it frees up your in-house resources to focus on what your core strengths are. If you can address these major challenges and find the right solution for each of them it should smooth the way for further business growth and success.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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