The Subscription Services Unaffected by COVID-19

The last year turned the world upside down as no one expected a situation when a strange disease rapidly spreads on all the continents, borders are crossed for traveling, and people are isolated in their homes.

We got used to remote work and entertainment, learned how to order flowers online for our loved ones, and organize birthday parties via video chat.  Apart from the negative social impact, there was a huge economic recession followed by staff shortening and cutting budgets. Sadly, a lot of businesses haven’t survived the pandemic.

But at the same time, there were companies that flourished and managed to increase their revenue during COVID-19. These were businesses offering goods and services online.

So let’s take a look at subscription-based services that were not only not affected by COVID-19 but grew thanks to the situation: 

Grocery Delivery

It’s not a surprise that grocery delivery is first on the list, as minimizing external contacts and sometimes due to being on self-observation caused by illness, people tend to order groceries online, and subscription services are extremely popular, as they bring several benefits: you save money as these subscriptions are cheaper, receive an opportunity to eat cleaner if you choose a healthy food service. Finally, you don’t need to worry if you have all the ingredients for the recipe going with the menu-based subscription.

Сollaboration software

As the world goes remote, the demand for online collaboration tools like messengers, video conferencing, and task trackers significantly increased. In order to support small businesses and transition, many big providers like Zoom, and Google extended free subscription options and others started offering increase trials to attract new customers. The requirements for the all-purpose collaboration tools gave another boost for development teams to enhance the existing features to increase remote engagement.

Video-Streaming platforms

Being tired of continuous information flows coming from news, work chats, and emails, it’s natural that people want to unwind watching some series and entertaining videos. The average time spent watching video streaming content doubled since the pandemic started and now it’s 1 hour 11 minutes on average.  Here’s where popular services like Netflix or Amazon Prime flourish.

Fitness services

As the gyms are closed during several stages of lockdown, and people want to keep fit, online gym subscriptions are quite popular. The offerings include any kind of workout from Yoga and HIIT to strength training. It’s also possible to try different options from watching recorded sessions to train whenever it’s convenient for you or to attend live group or individual classes via video conferencing. 

Online Education

Online education keeps growing for the past years but a lockdown gave it another boost, as with everything closed, there are no more excuses to skip the courses you’ve always wanted to attend. Some people opt for online learning for self-development, while others want to master a new skill to acquire a new profession and find a job. Subscription-based services like  Skillshare or Lynda where all the information allows one to choose from thousands of courses on any topic broadening the learning horizons and helping to pursue your goals.

The situation with COVID-19 showed that not all of us were ready to face the challenge and highlighted the most уquality to survive – quickly adapt to new circumstances and help those who are still on their way to change.  And while this post-pandemic transformation is ongoing supporting a local business like taking a coffee to go, or ordering takeout from a local restaurant is the best thing we can do to ensure their recovery.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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