Four Video Marketing Tips For Small Business

Four Video Marketing Tips For Small Business

Marketing a small business isn’t easy. Photos and written content don’t cut it anymore. A simple but powerful way to market your growing business nowadays is through the use of videos. Not only are they engaging, they usually present information in a bite-size form. This is a definite hit for many potential customers and viewers.  

If you have the budget to spend on your marketing plan anyway, you can outsource video production companies to shoot testimonials, small advertisements, company profile presentations, and other similar materials. Zipinmedia video marketing company or other production companies like it have the expertise and tools necessary to create the next single viral video across the internet. 

How Small Businesses Can Start With Video Marketing 

Video marketing can be prohibitive for startups due to the large financing and production skills required. The good news is you can do this even with a tight budget and limited experience. 

Here are four tips to consider when employing a video marketing strategy.

1. Make Your Videos Shareable In Social Media 

Though you might be discouraged by cynics stating that social media doesn’t work, many companies beg to differ. With almost half of the world’s population owning a social media account, it’s no wonder that large brands have made this platform a staple in their marketing strategies.  

Aside from their obvious popularity, these platforms are user-friendly and fairly affordable. Many entrepreneurs have successfully maximized them for seamlessly sharing content and videos to reach more audiences. Don’t forget that they also have this cool feature that allows you to post colorful images beneficial for your brand visibility. 

2. Leverage Videos To Your Advantage  

Many marketers and brand experts emphasize that videos shouldn’t focus on sales. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use them for other purposes. Use videos for company webinars to build authority in your industry. You can also utilize them for tutorials, step-by-step guides, or anything that provides value to your audience and clients.  

Think social proof, too. Marketers observe that majority of buying decisions are influenced by online research done before purchase. Using easy to find keywords for your company’s testimonial videos can give you the necessary presence to stay relevant in this saturated digital landscape.

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3. Know Your Video’s Goals  

As they say, content is king. It’s also true when it comes to creating videos for your small business.   

To do this, start with knowing your video’s goals. Does it aim to attract and engage new customers? Does it seek to nurture your prospects? By knowing why you’re doing video marketing, you can customize your approach to make sure the video will serve its purpose. A clear set of goals can also help you come up with metrics to quantify your efforts and performance. 

Sitting down for goal-setting usually takes only a few minutes, but this can positively affect your video marketing efforts in the long run. For an example of ideas, you can check out this video:

4. Focus On The Story, Not The Sale  

One of the best ways to connect to your target audience is to appeal to their emotions. Hard selling isn’t the way to go. Not only is it an outdated approach to reach the revenues you wanted, but you’ll also end up getting the opposite of what you’re rooting for—irritated customers.  

The best way? Craft a story for your sale. Inject the elements of characters, a conflict, and a resolution. Please be advised, though, to use this tip with caution. Make sure you align the story with your company’s brand, mission, and culture. End it with a strong and relevant call to action, so your video marketing efforts won’t go to waste.  

By utilizing this approach, not only do you keep your potential customers interested, but you’re also reaching out and connecting with their emotions. Aim to make them laugh and feel empowered through your marketing efforts.   

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Things Up A Notch. 

While it’s true that not all businesses are created equal, the advent of technology levels out the playing field for companies of all shapes and sizes. If you’re a struggling company or a startup just growing your business, know that a little bit of creativity goes a long way. Dive deep in this endeavor with passion and clear goals. Make videos that speak to and encourage your audience to take action—because that’s absolutely possible.