Top 5 Reasons tо Use Converter of Files for Outlook

converter of files

Among the world-known mailing clients, Microsoft Outlook is considered a golden standard. It is especially true for the corporate world where the extended functionality provided by this program allows users to perform lots of working tasks. It applies to daily planning, file management, and, of course, the exchange of letters. But, there is not a converter of files.

Given the importance of Outlook to many people, there are at least five reasons to use a converter of files when working with this program. Let’s carefully look at them.

When a File Converter May Be Useful?

Office employees regularly use a large list of software for their working tasks. However, when it comes to some simple tasks, it turns out that there is no licensed tool among their desktop programs that can perform a fast and easy conversion of Outlook files. At first, you may come up with an idea that you don’t need one at all. Nevertheless, we have at least five pro arguments why you need such a tool:

1) Email Conversion

It is the most obvious function of the converter focusing on Microsoft Outlook. In fact, you may use it in many situations from migration to another client to exchanging files with colleagues without giving access to your mailbox.

2) Backup of Files

Backup of files is the necessary task for any mailing account that has a certain value for a company. It allows you to save the files you need in case of an emergency. In particular, such function will be useful if you have lost files for various reasons:

  • equipment malfunction;
  • breakdown of the server disks;
  • incorrect editing of data;
  • accidental deletion of important data;
  • site infection with viruses, etc.

There are millions of such cases. Therefore, backup is not an idea or recommendation, but a must-do.

3) Files for Presentation

If you work in the office, you regularly watch or participate in various presentations. If you need to spread some data from your account, it will be easier to present it conveniently for readers. In this case, a file converter will quickly transfer selected files into PDF or Excel, so they will be accurately presented.

4) Exchanging Contacts

If you need to exchange a large database of contacts with third-party mailing accounts, it will be more useful to transfer them into vCard files. It is also relevant for people who have a huge number of contacts and need to transfer them to their home computer.

5) Files’ Organization

Modern converters provide a number of extra functions that can replace file editors and organizers. For instance, they allow you to sort out your files by date, name, or other parameters, and add your corporate logo, watermarks, QR-codes, etc.

As you can see, file converters are extremely useful tools for Outlook. All this makes them indispensable software for corporate users.