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5 Tips Towards Starting A Cleaning Company Franchise

Five Tips Towards Starting A Cleaning Company Franchise

Not a lot of people realize that all human activities have a clean-up part. Everything humans do has a clean-up component to it. Dishes have to be washed after meals. Clothes have to be laundered. The toilet has to be kept clean. After using the bed, the sheets have to be replaced with fresh ones every so often. The routine is practically endless.

Perhaps the most practical insight from this is that a janitorial franchise could be a very profitable and lucrative prospect for entrepreneurs who would like to start a cleaning services company. Every industry has a need for cleaning services. Thus, the continuous expansion of these industries makes it seem logical to consider starting a promising franchise in the cleaning industry.

Cleaning Company Franchise Tips for Beginners

Before you dive deep into such an investment, you might want to consider studying these tips to prepare yourself for a cleaning industry business franchise:

1. Assess the Demand Within Your Area

The first thing you have to find out if you plan on starting a cleaning company franchise is whether there’s an existing unmet demand for cleaning services in the place where you intend to open shop. 

If there’s a central business district in your place, with buildings such as hotels and entertainment centers, hospitals and medical centers, schools and universities, malls and department stores, and offices and commercial buildings, then it’s a good indicator there’s a demand for cleaning services in your area.

2. Know Who’s Doing What 

After making sure there’s a demand for cleaning services in your area, the next thing you need to find is the existing service providers. If there are buildings in your place, surely there are cleaning companies which service these clients. In other words, you need to know who’s making all the money and what they’re offering. 

Usually, there’s a listing of cleaning service companies in your area or the local business registry. Most of them also have websites where you can look at services they’re not offering. Your business could later fill in such gaps.  

3. How is the Service Priced

After doing research on the competition, the next thing you need to know is how cleaning services are priced in your place. You can do this by asking for sample quotes from companies in your area. Some can be very secretive about how they price their services, and this can be a real challenge. 

4. Get an Established Cleaning Services Franchise

When you’re going to try to wrestle away from established cleaning companies their existing clients such as hotels, schools, hospitals, malls, commercial buildings, and offices they currently clean and service, it would be advisable to get a franchise that already has an established industry reputation. 

Most cleaning companies in your place have already established business relationships with their existing clients. It wouldn’t be easy to pry them away. Partnering with a recognized name would help you start from a position of relative strength compared to starting on your own. This would save you time in building the core competence of quality control, sourcing supplies, and equipment, pricing your services, and being efficient with supplies and cleaning staff. 

5. Clean Them Like Your Own

Finally, if you do get in the door and are signed up to provide cleaning services, make it your work ethic to clean them like your own. This means cleaning not only for profit’s sake. Remember that the cleanliness of these places is also a reflection of their organizations, and they take this factor seriously. The shimmer of their walls and floors and the scent of their rooms and toilets are some of the first and lasting things their clients will notice and remember about them. 

Doing a lousy job will quickly spread by word of mouth. So, learn to clean like your own. Make sure you clean every corner. Remove every stain and grout in a way that would satisfy you if you were the client paying for the service. Be proactive. Take note of special concerns that need special cleaning and offer your solutions. That’s the only way you can become a byword in the cleaning industry.

A Clean Start

If you do decide you want to go into the cleaning business, keep these things in mind: look around and survey the territory, find out the existing players, learn the pricing method, partner with an established name, own the job, and clean it as if it were your own.

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