The Roles and How to Improve Social Signal in Twitter Marketing

In recent years, social media has become very important, and its popularity has continually increased, especially when it comes to businesses. Once you can post on any social media network, your post can increase traffic to your site through numerous social signals that include likes, comments, and retweets.

Every online marketer wants their business to trend on social media, and right now, Twitter has become one of the best websites for online marketers to market their products. This is because Twitter is one place where anything can happen; everything goes public for millions of people to see. If you can send the right tweet, you can reach out to the right audience as a brand.

The Role of Social Signal in Twitter Marketing

Although most marketers believe that social media platform is a mystery, sometimes you hear that Facebook is best for marketing, and the next time you hear that Twitter is next. For a while now, the user base of Twitter has significantly grown, and most twitter marketers are using it to increase the awareness of their brands online. Why do some marketers still doubt the efficiency of Twitter? Or, why do people still ask if they should focus on Twitter for marketing?

Why Social Signal is Important?

Twitter has grown to be a very active social media platform. The users, clients, and business owners get to talk about their brands publicly. But, while you tweet something pleasing about your brands, you get to have more social signals. For instance, more Twitter likes will increase the authority of your business and make it rank high on Google search engines. It is also on Twitter that people get to rant about various brands or products that disappointed them. With over 320 million users on Twitter monthly, it has become easier to put your brand out to the public, especially if you use the right hashtags.

This way, people get to like and retweet your post with a positive statement about your brand. Or they could easily destroy what you have built for years if you ever go back on your words. With social signals, which may be considered as something little, your brand can go places.

To be popular on Twitter is equal to building a website authority and getting social signals, which will increase your chance of ranking top on Google’s search results. Below are a few roles social signals play:

1. Social signal helps you build a solid reputation on Twitter

Using Twitter to market your product, nothing will excite you more than seeing your posts get over a thousand likes; it means your followers are not only reading your tweets, they also love your post and what you have to offer them. However, it is well-known that Google mostly rewards websites that have built a solid reputation through hard work, and you get rewarded for leading the industry. It also means your company is credible, and Google will like your product. Social signals, which include likes and retweet makes other followers determine the credibility of your product. People who prefer to search on Google can also determine how many likes and comments you have. Therefore, social signals play a critical role in building a solid reputation for your products.

2. Social signal helps users in trusting your product and services

Another important role that social signals play is making other users trust your organization and your product. When you decide to use a Twitter marketing strategy to promote your product, you only get satisfied when people visit your page, like your posts, comment on it, and even retweet their handle to attract other users. People who do this have come to trust your product because one of their friends must have liked or retweeted your product. The world now relies more on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Instagram to get information concerning a product or service. Now, when you post about your product on Twitter, and someone likes or comments on your tweets, it means the person trusts your product, and if another person sees it, they will love and trust your product.

3. Social signals enable your customers to know what’s best for them

Google spends time making changes to its algorithm often. In such a way Google determines what’s best for users and makes it rank top in search engines. Social signals also play an essential role in helping customers decide what is best for them. For instance, three companies that market the same product might drop a tweet on their Twitter handle. These companies may have many followers, and their tweets must have gotten to all their followers. Now, it is left for customers and people who have searched their products to like, comment, and retweet their posts. The tweet with the highest number of social signals becomes the content that people find more useful. In such a way, these signals help Google understand the best product for users. Such a product will rank top on the Google search engine.

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4. Social signal helps your brand get loyalty from followers

When your product begins to get many social signals, it indicates that users love your brand, thereby increasing your brand’s loyalty from your followers. Once people become loyal to your brand, it will increase your sales because they will not stop commenting or liking only; they will also drop positive reviews and refer their friends and loved ones to your product. This way, your brand becomes popular. You get better conversions and more sales. This will force Google to make your brand rank top in their search engine.

Social signal plays a significant role in Twitter marketing, and it ensures your brand rank top in Google’s search engine. Most people may decide to buy a social signal to boost their brand ranking, forgetting that Google is very smart and can detect a signal that isn’t real. Hence, below are a few ways you can increase your social signals:

Update your profiles

The first thing you need to do is update your profile on Twitter and other social media platforms. Social signal plays a significant role in assisting Google to determine your website’s rank, which makes it quite crucial for Twitter marketing. Hence, to get social signals, you need to ensure your profile is always updated, following your brand’s status. Most times, before people get to like or comment on your post, they want to see your profile and what you have to offer. You should always update your Twitter profile.

Endeavor to be active always on Twitter

Twitter marketing is not as easy as you think. While you are marketing your product, you are trying to attract people to your website. Because of that, you need always to be online so that you can read people’s comments; and if there’s a need to reply to any comment, you will be available to do so. Your availability will also attract more social signals to your brand. If you think you are too busy, then you can get someone to manage your Twitter account and remain active often.

Create Connections with your customers

The moment you have made up your mind to market your brand on Twitter, you should be ready to build genuine relationships and connections with your customers. Twitter is one platform you get to see different people, and most of them are business-minded. Now, when you tweet a post concerning your brand, people are waiting to start a conversation with you, and your response determines the number of social signals you get. When you respond in a friendly and engaging manner, your followers’ loyalty gets boosted, and most times, they get compelled to spend more on your brand because they feel a connection with you.

Post high-quality contents

There’s no better way to get lots of social signals than to generate great content. It keeps people glued to your page, always in high expectations of what you have to dish out to them. People don’t like boring content, and they want to be entertained, informed, and get inspiration from your content and product. Your content should portray your product always, and it should reach out to the audience. This way, you get more signals than you ever imagined.

Allow people to retweet your tweets

When you give people the opportunity to retweet your post, you have indirectly opened up a channel for your product to cut across many people. When someone reads a post about your product and gets inspired by it, they tend to retweet, and in most cases, they also comment under the retweet. This way, people are attracted to your product, and then more retweets and likes continue to happen. If you post every day, you will continuously get more social signals and rank top on Google. If you can, let your retweet button be on top of your pages so people can easily see it.

Try to share other people’s content as well

As people get to follow you and share your content, you also owe it to other businesses following you to follow them and help share their posts. If you love to share other people’s posts, your followers will see you as selfless and engaging. In such a way, you get more social signals.

Ensure you have a blog

Having a blog is an added advantage to your business. Whenever you post on Twitter, you can always drop the link to your blog so people can see it. That way, you are not only increasing your social signal, you are also driving traffic to your blog. It’s not like a blog is compulsory. But it is safe to say it is necessary. This is because you get to have various articles that educate people about your product. If you think you don’t have the time for a blog, hire a freelancer to help manage your blog.

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Ask for help

When you write a post, you can ask your followers to help you retweet nicely. People feel important when you ask them for help. When you write a post about your product, say “kindly hit the like button and retweet thanks”. Understand that not everyone will be willing to do this, but most of your followers will help you.


The social signal may not be important in pushing your website to rank top in Google search. Still, recently, Google updated its algorithm and added social signals as part of the criteria to rank top. This has made the social signal very important. We have listed the roles social signals play in Twitter marketing, as well as legitimate ways you can get more signals to your page.

Are you a Twitter marketer? Try to make the most out of your social signals and let most of your marketing strategies attract social signals because they influence search engine optimization (SEO) and website ranking.

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