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4 Affordable Lead Generation Techniques You Can Try Today

4 Affordable Lead Generation Techniques You Can Try Today

Trying to generate leads for your business can be tough. Bad decisions in marketing, poor public relations, and uncreative methods can all make you start to lose faith in your current system of getting leads. But do not fret—in this article, you’ll get some tips and techniques on generating an increased number of leads and customers eventually, for your business.

These will be a great investment for you as they are all affordable and accessible enough to any business, startup, or corporate alike.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Having good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will get you leads from people making targeted searches about the subjects or niches related to your offers on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Using the same keywords that internet users look up online will make your content rank higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), thereby allowing you to become more visible to your target customers. Once you’re able to achieve this, your website traffic will increase, giving you more opportunities to capture leads who can eventually be your consumers. Other factors involved in SEO are the use of images, alt attributes, anchors and links, short and descriptive URLs, and above all, relevant content.

2. Comprehensive List Of Prospects

Creating a list of customers who can be your potential buyers will easily boost your business’s lead generation. Sales drives will go higher and company profit will scale up by capitalizing on people’s organic interests in your business offers and content niche.

You may start by thinking about who your prospective customers are. They can be those who click on your ads or those who do a frequent search on products and services similar to yours. To help you with this, it’s best to create your own buyer persona. A buyer persona is the ideal representation of your target customer or client. By realizing who your buyer persona is, you can build your list of prospects more easily. 

If you own a B2B company, it’s advisable to consider a client’s company size, revenue, location, and industry too. You can use platforms like LinkedIn to look for companies that fit your persona attributes. On the contrary, if you’re a B2C company, you can take into account your potential customers’ preferences, demographics, etc.

Creating this list of B2B prospects is simple but can be taxing. It’s really up to you whether you’ll have your in-house team to do it or get the services of a B2B lead generation agency to skip all the hassle by clicking here!

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3. Landing Pages

Having well-made landing pages is effective for capturing your customers’ interest and information. These pages are meant to acquire user information, usually in exchange for a freebie (free report or free coupon) or provide additional details to your customers or subscribers about certain business promotions or offers.

The main purpose of using landing pages is to convince a consumer or client to take up on your offer or do a specific action by providing them with the information they need. These actions may include subscribing to your newsletter and taking advantage of your discounted deals. In creating a landing page, you might also want to consider making good visuals as they also matter in a user’s decision-making.

However, in your endeavor to convert a visitor or subscriber into a consumer, your copy should do most of the work for you. A good copy identifies a potential consumer’s dilemma and provides an effective solution to it. It should be able to establish the promise of your business, product, or service. For example, if a consumer is looking for a beauty product that allows for clearer skin, your copy should be able to tap on her emotions, addressing that her concern is associated with her confidence. From there, you will want to establish how promising your product is and how it can put an end to her existing skin problems.

Your landing pages may be accessed by online users through emails, social media posts, or web content. No matter what your landing page application is, make sure that your call-to-action (CTA) is clear to them.

4. Social Media

Building your business’s presence on social media platforms will help you generate more traction and engage better with your target market. Everyone right now is at home due to the pandemic, so they’re more likely to be on social media, browsing through posts and updates. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok all make for the biggest social media outlets right now, and showing yourself with ads on those platforms can get you more leads and sales in both the short and the long run.

Everything Together

Getting leads may seem a tough and arduous journey, especially in the beginning, but with these four effective and affordable techniques, you should get leads much more easily. Having a good sales team to employ these four techniques will also play a crucial role in the execution aspect, as well as in the success of your marketing and business, in general.

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