Quickly Solve Tweet Deck Update Error

Tweet Deck is one of the most popular desktop applications for using Twitter. It is an Adobe Air desktop application, that captures the tweets in real-time and displays them in a columned interface.  This allows users to keep an eye on that information in a single concise view.

Tweet Deck is an application that is used as a personal browser that connects you with your contact across Twitter, Facebook, and more.

I have one previous version of Tweet Deck and for one month I try to update to a newer version. However, I always receive one error that tells me:

Tweet deck: “application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author. Error 0.”

And day after day and week after week I try again to install a newer version of this application but always the same error. I tried to uninstall Tweet Deck and also Adobe Air but nothing.

And finally, I find a way to solve the problem, and the installation of the newest version succeeded.

To solve the problem at first I need to download Windows Installer Clean Up which helps to remove old programs where the installation files are corrupted. This utility will remove the installation files so you can start the new installation, upgrade, or uninstall over. You can download this utility from Microsoft Help and Support. After downloading, install it and you can use the utility.

When you start the utility on the list of installed products you must find Tweet Deck and Adobe Air and click Remove.


When you finish removing installation files with Windows Installer Clean Up you can start the installation process from the tweet deck website. Then the installation will be complete without error.


Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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