Shortcuts Can be Dangerous for Your Business

Shotcuts can be dangerous for your business

Are you an entrepreneur who always wants to find shortcuts when making decisions about the business?

Shortcuts can be handy for entrepreneurs and their companies. They can make the productivity to be on the higher level and cutting the time in many cases.

However, even if they are sometimes useful, you must know that there are two different types of shortcuts:

1. Shortcuts that bring you to the goals achievement

First are the shortcuts that lead you to the finish line. These are shortcuts that are useful for you and your business. They make you and your business more productive. They give you additional time to concentrate on other important activities for your company.

So, these type of shortcuts you will need to standardize and put it inside your working procedures.

2. There are also some of them that don’t help you to achieve your goals

However, there are second types of shortcuts that don’t lead you to the finish line. They don’t give you the expected results even they succeed to short your time of doing things. On the other hand, because they didn’t make achievements of your business goals, you can’t put them in the category of something that increases your productivity. To be productive, yes, you need quantity, but also there is quality as something important for your company.

How Shortcuts Impact on Productivity?

Many times, to cut our time to be more productive, we risk the value that needs to be accomplished.

Let’s say that productivity is a value that we need to have divided by our time spent to produce it:

Productivity = Value/Time

Now, let’s say that you need the value of 10, and to accomplish that, you need to spend three hours of your time. The productivity will be 3,33.

If you find the shortcut that can bring the same value, but you’ll need to spend only two hours to complete the job for it, you’ll have the productivity of 5. This is a good shortcut, and you can make them standardized for your future business activities.

However, what about if the shortcut didn’t provide the same value? Let’s say that the shortcuts will shorten the value by 50%. Now you will have the productivity of 2,5.

Sometimes some shortcuts can increase your productivity even with a lower value as a result. For example, if it is 9 for the shortcut that needs only two hours of our time, it will be 4,5, which is greater than your starting position with 3,33. However, the question now is about the value. Is the value of 9 will be enough to ensure our business success? If it is yes, then you can standardize this shortcut and they can help you become a successful entrepreneur.

Some business activities need more work, but the results will be significant for your business’s success. With some alternatives in such an activity, you risk the quality of the job done, and in such a way, you directly influence your business’s success.

For example, I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs when it comes to blogging for business that wants to use shortcuts. It’s because probably they don’t see the clear importance of blogging for their business soon. After all, blogging is a strategic business activity that can’t bring short-term success. However, in the long run, it is beneficial. The mistakes with the alternatives are fatal to the entrepreneur but also their business. The time that they spend on their shortcuts will be worthless and really wasted time.

Now, what you think about shortcuts? Are they always bring productivity to your business?