On the Path to Success: 7 Secrets of the Most Successful Grocery Store Owners

Most Successful Grocery Store Owners

Those who own a small mom-and-pop grocery store may find that getting local customers in the door is more challenging than they expected. Many people shop at the same stores repeatedly out of habit or because of the store’s convenience. The seven tips below are great for those stores looking to bring new customers in, increase sales, and build a loyal customer base.

One: A Creative Store Layout

Having a creative store layout is important for independent grocery stores. Look into buying used store shelving to showcase the most popular products and those that are on sale. A traditional grocery store layout works perfectly for chain stores, as customers typically buy all of their food for an entire week in one trip.

Mom-and-pop shops should be more creative with their layouts. Make it convenient for customers to shop by placing the best-selling items upfront. Customers may be popping in just for a few specialty items, and if they have to hunt for them or walk through the entire store for one item, they may be less likely to return.

Two: Go Digital

People love apps. Consider making an app for the store and allowing customers to view ads digitally online. If they can place orders online for store pickup, that is even better.

Three: Offer Coupons and Deals

Everyone loves to feel like they are getting a good deal. If the store offers deals frequently, people will come in to see what is on sale. Consider offering special sales, offers, and coupons.

Bonus points to grocery stores that have people register for the deals. When customers register to get special members-only pricing and coupons, this captures their information that can later be used for marketing purposes.

Four: Treat Customers Like Family

Back in the day, grocery store experiences were personal, and customers knew who their grocery clerk was. If possible, start learning customers’ names. Ensure that all staff members are friendly and treat the store customers the way they would want their mother, father, and children treated. If a customer feels welcome and has had a personal experience with the staff, they will be more loyal to the grocery store.

Five: Offer Local Products

Any store can sell products from all over the world, but stores that sell local produce, bakery items, and local goods stand out. Let customers know that products are grown and produced locally by hanging signs, sending out emails, and advertising for the local business owners. If customers know the product’s story is local, they will be more excited to buy those items.

Six: Host Sample Days

Customers love special store experiences, and one such experience a store can offer is a special sample day. Let customers try the fresh fruit, local products, or any other item of the management’s choosing. Sample day is likely to bring in fresh customers who will spend money while in the store.

Seven: Give Employees Knowledge

There is nothing worse than needing assistance in a store and the employees being unable to help. Orient new employees on store policies, sales, and products. Hold regular training events to update employees on new processes, offers, and products. The more the employees know about the store and the products offered, the more they will be able to assist customers.

The seven tips above are great for small grocery stores trying to get started. Even retail stores that have been in business for a while can use the tips above to improve customer loyalty and grow their customer base. The above tips can help any store get with the times and improve sales.