7 Best Ways to Turn Your Workspace Into Your Comfort Zone

We have got to admit it, it is quite common among people especially those who work in the corporate world to feel uneasy when you are at your workspace. Working typically means that we are getting out of our comfort zone thus it also has a negative psychological effect on us when we are in our workspace. 

For many of us, our homes are our comfort zone. We treat our jobs as a task and as a means to have a living. 

That is why it is quite a common occurrence when you feel uneasy when you are in your workplace. But we can all change that. 

There are many things that we can do to improve our working conditions aside from being good at our jobs. What people do to feel at ease is to customize their workspace based on how they see fit. 

And that is what we are going to tackle in this article. 

Declutter your workspace. 

Declutter your workspace

A messy workspace rarely denotes comfort. Aside from the fact that it does not look good, a workplace in complete disarray will just add to the long list of stressors in your workplace. 

Try to have a workplace that is free from clutter. You can start by getting rid of all the unnecessary items on your desk. 

The essence of this concept is that you only retain the items that have a purpose in your workspace. As for the rest of the items, you can either keep them somewhere, dispose of them, or give them to someone who might have use for it. 

Trust me, even your boss will appreciate it if you have an orderly workspace. You can also invest in tools that would help you organize your office. 

Try to group the items on your desk depending on their use. And also, the only documents that should be on your desk must be the ones that you are currently working on. 

This way, aid you in keeping your desk organized and clutter-free. 

If you do not find your chair comfortable, invest in another one. 

comfortable chair in your workplace

We spend most of our time in the office sitting down, unless you are maybe working in operations wherein you spend most of your time on the floor.

Nevertheless, what’s important is that you feel comfortable sitting on the chair that you are using. If not, you can always invest in quality computer chairs. 

There are gaming-specific chairs that are very comfortable and sturdy at the same time. It is normal for gamers and for those who work online to spend hours and hours facing their computers thus the need to invest in quality chairs. 

Be environmentally friendly. 

environmentally friendly workspace

Get a bit of green in your workspace. Aside from using biodegradable materials, you can also bring a small plant and place it on your desk. 

Nature has a way of making you feel at ease and in doing so, it will aid in making your workspace more comfortable. Using recycled and biodegradable materials will also make you feel good and content about yourself.

Invest in quality lighting and aesthetics. 

workspace lighting

Tweaking the lighting in your workspace and providing a bit of aesthetics will greatly improve how your workplace will look. What you can do is you can line the unlit open storage areas of your work desk with flexible neon tubing to improve the aesthetics.Getting the lighting right can help calm down your nerves and increase your concentration levels enabling you to do more. 

This way, it also highlights how orderly your workspace is. 

Get yourself a fan.

workplace ventilation

Having a small fan in your workspace will do wonders. Sometimes what is making us comfortable is the stuffy air that is circulating in the office. 

You can improve your workspace’s ventilation by having a fan nearby. This way, you can ensure that the air around you does not go stale. 

There are also times when the airconditioning breaks down or it is simply too warm. Having a fan will ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable due to insufficient cooling in the office. 

If the company allows it, get a portable speaker.

portable speaker in your workplace

Having a little bit of noise apart from the usual work chatter will do wonders to improve the mood in the office. You can get yourself a small Bluetooth speaker wherein you can stream your favorite music while working. 

Trust me, having music around your workplace will greatly improve the mood of the office in general. It does not have to be noisy, having ambient music is more than enough to ease the stressors that surround your workspace. 

Make your workplace your own. 

your own workspace

The same as your home, your workplace should reflect your personality. Think of it as setting up your workspace the same way that you set up your home. 

This way, you will feel more comfortable and it is not like you are out of your comfort zone at all. You can start by having items that would remind you of home. 

You can also personalize your workspace based on your preference. 


workspace comfort

Having a healthy working environment is essential for us employees. Our jobs always relate to stressors but your workspace does not have to be that way. 

We can make it more fun and comfortable by doing what is discussed above. In doing so, you will always feel like you never left your comfort zone. 

Being comfortable also translates to better productivity at work.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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