Property Investing: 5 Easy Tips To Stage Your Vacation Rental

Believe it or not, another year has gone by and it’s almost vacation season once again! Chances are, the chaos of this past year has you feeling scrambled and your vacation rental property may be the last thing on your mind.

According to the American Housing Survey, there are nearly 50 million rental units in the US, with more Americans deciding to invest in real estate every day. How can you make your property stand out? Let’s explore some simple ideas to make sure your guests have a smooth and fun summer rental experience at your vacation home.

Whether you are a seasoned pro who rents out your family beach house throughout the year or you’re interested in taking steps to acquire your first investment property, here are some tips to stage your vacation rental home and make it sparkling clean and guest-ready for another lucrative business venture!

Check On Appliances

The last thing you want to worry about is a renter calling you complaining that the heating or cooling doesn’t work. Check on all the major appliances in your home to make sure nothing needs to be repaired or replaced. Start by replacing the water and air filters, cleaning out the dryer exhaust duct, making sure the fridge is cooling properly, and checking the AC.

If it’s been a full year since you’ve serviced the property, you may consider paying for a professional to do a routine check-up. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Don’t skip these steps and risk a bad review or distressed call from a future renter.

Spring Cleaning

Vacation rental looking pretty dusty after a slow winter? While you are surely paying for a cleaning service between guests to spruce things up, it’s a great idea to splurge on a professional deep cleaning service once a year. A professional can deep clean the carpets, polish the wood floors, and get into those hard-to-reach places like high ceiling fans or baseboards.

Replace Linens

Guests love soft sheets and fluffy towels! If you have a revolving door of multiple renters each summer, your sheets, towels, and blankets can really start to look worse for the wear. Check up on your linens and decide what needs to be replaced before new guests arrive. The linens you decide to keep for another year should all go to the laundromat; this includes comforters, decorative blankets, and curtains.

Update Decor

If it’s been a few years since you bought new decor for your rental property, it may be time for a refresh! Consider getting some new throw pillows, textured rugs, or wall art to spruce up your decor. Adding new books to the bookshelves or local brochures to the fridge adds a touch of personalization to your rental that will delight your guests.

If you are furnishing your home for the first time, opt for a clean, modern, luxurious look that can not only appeal to a multitude of tastes but also give a great return on your real estate investment. It’s usually the pictures that sell the rental, so you want to be sure your home looks modern, thoughtful, and fresh to potential guests looking to book.

Freshen Guest Bathroom

The bathroom of your vacation rental is a great moment to make a first impression, as it will likely be one of the first rooms used by a future guest. Many renters forget essential toiletries or don’t have time to make it to the store after a busy travel day. Make your guest bathroom an oasis by adding a basket of mini toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, or toothpaste. This will surprise your guest and be a relief after a long travel day.


Whether you’re a first-time property investor looking to set up your vacation rental or an old pro, simply trying to spruce things up for another year of business, putting your guests first and fostering a spirit of hospitality will always lead you in the right direction when staging your property.

Get ready to prepare your guests for the best summer of their lives with these easy tips to stage your vacation rental!

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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