Each Promise Require Fulfillment

Toy as a Promise to My Son

Are you using promises as a part of your motivational process?

You want to motivate your potential customers to make a buying decision. Furthermore, you want to motivate your employees to get the best from them. Sometimes for the purpose of motivation you can use the promise that you’l be ship the value.

If you promise something, are you stay enough close to it and fulfill it?

Today’s post inspired me from an event that I experienced with my five-year-old son yesterday. This September he starts going to school. And I and my wife want’s to motivate him to start learn, to start hearing on the classes and to bring the great grades.

My motivational tactic was to buy him the toy every time when he brings home an A.

But, I didn’t expect that this will be so soon. Before one week when I went to the school to pick up him from the school, he and his teacher come to me and tell me that he earned an A. I’m so happy. It’s the first A for him. However, now is my turn. Ok, we will go immediately in the toy shop where he wants to buy the toy that he was seen before several days. The promise is the promise.

When I ask him in the store for the concrete toy that he wants, immediately come another surprise for me, the price. The price of the toy is not something that I expect. My brain start thinking about withdrawal. What I must to do now?

If I withdraw, then my words will not have a worth for him in the future. How I can motivate them if he can’t see the worthiness of my own words and promises. I need the quick decision. My son followed me closely and looked me in the eyes to see what I will say because he noticed my hesitates in that several moments

Ok, my final decision is to buy the toy. The promise is a promise. I need to stay on the right way when it comes to my words. I can’t afford to gamble with a trust of my son. He must continue to do what he did now, to learn.

This is the same with entrepreneurs. They promise many things to their employees and customers. When come the time the promise to be fulfilled then it must take an action and fulfill everything that contains it for the given situation.

How you are dealing with your own promises and expectation that can encourage hesitation?