What Aspects of Your Business Should Be Automated?

Automating certain areas of your business provides many benefits. You can speed up processes to save time, save money by not needing to employ a human being for a specific role, and transfer employees to other areas where they can be more effective.

Although not every element of your business will necessarily be suited to automation, there are various aspects that you should most definitely consider automating.

Customer Support

Automating customer support with chatbots allows you to reap many benefits without having to spend huge investment expenses. All types of businesses across the world have started using chatbots to provide immediate online support to customers, and studies have repeatedly shown that customers prefer interacting with chatbots because it saves time and provides resolutions to problems instantly. With customer service automation, customers have 24/7 support. Automation also allows you to lower the average time per interaction, thus enabling your company to assist customers in less time. Also, because automation frees up the need for humans to handle customer issues, you can save a lot of costs in the long run.

Inventory Management

If you operate a product-based company, an integral part of your business will be inventory control. By leveraging an automated inventory system that includes automated product reporting, you can maximize scalability, decrease human error, and save time. Ecommerce businesses can use API integrations like the Ingram micro API integration, which makes selling products and keeping a record of your inventory across multiple sales channels much simpler. At the end of the day, whatever type of business you run, automating your inventory will allow you to provide a better service and give you more time to focus on growing your company.

Lead Generation

When leads are generated through things like registration forms on your website, you could have to respond to thousands of potential customers. To handle so many leads, you could hire dozens more staff members. But a better option is to leverage chatbots to make product recommendations and upsell products. Automation software can also be utilized to alert sales representatives to follow up new leads when the human touch is required. Furthermore, by using automation software, each interaction can be scored easily so that every individual lead can be targeted differently. So, by using automation for sales and lead generation, you can create a more efficient conversion process and potentially generate more sales.

Email and Content Marketing

While many elements of marketing require a human being to be at the helm, there are other areas of marketing that can be automated for your company’s benefit. Email marketing and content marketing are two such areas. With the former, you can automate marketing emails to be sent out at strategic moments, send emails as reminders to people who have abandoned their shopping carts, and retarget customers after a designated time period to offer them discounts. With regards to automating content marketing, it is not always possible to create fresh content for social media platforms all of the time. But you can use automated content creation tools to find and use relevant content from around the internet. You can also use social media content scheduling and automated posting tools like Buffer to save the need for human input.

HR Processes

Your company’s human resources can benefit from automation as well. With automation software, it is easy to time-track employees. Chatbots can also be used to help employee onboarding processes so that new workers are guided through steps so they can acclimatize to their new workplace. Automation is handy for payroll processes too. With automation software, you can make more accurate salary calculations and do it faster.

Dragan Sutevski

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