7 Small Business Apps to Ensure Your Entrepreneurial Freedom

small business apps

We use technology to increase our freedom. We use different small business apps and solutions to increase freedom and, at the same time to increase our productivity. Today, we can do more with less time and effort.

When I first read about virtual companies that were in the last days of the previous century. I have a project at the faculty about a virtual company, and my task was to collect different sources of scientific materials about virtual companies.

At that time, I couldn’t believe that this would be possible soon. I think that such a company was science fiction at that time.

However, today I see that we can work on one document without needing to be in the same office. We can communicate quicker than ever before. We can collaborate on the projects without a physical location. Also, we can have meetings without a meeting room. We can share ideas and receive proposals in seconds. Or, we can manage our production machines without the need for human beings to be physically present there.

Everything that I thought was science fiction became my everyday reality. But, more important is that this way of work is available for all of us without limits. It can be free or at low costs.

Plenty of small business apps work in the cloud and bring us freedom because our business becomes real virtual companies.

Here, I mention several small business apps that can increase your entrepreneurial productivity and bring you more freedom.

1. Google Docs

Productivity is the primary key of a successful business, and Google Docs is something that can bring it to you and your business. This small business apps suite will bring you the office suite that makes online collaboration between you and your coworkers much easier. You can easily work on the same document with your team members even they are not at the same location as you.

2. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a web application that will allow you to design online surveys, spread them, and analyze data from them. The free option restricts you to 40 responses and ten questions per survey. This small business app is a perfect tool for your market research, customer satisfaction research, and any other research you need to do as an entrepreneur.

3. Aweber

Aweber is a fantastic small business app that can care for all your needs with email marketing campaigns. Many features will bring your email marketing campaigns one step further. And that’s not all because the reports system can involve your business in the cycles of continuous improvement of your campaigns.

4. Sales Force

The Sales Force is one of the best cloud-based CRM services. If your business is dealing with customers’ accounts, this can be the perfect solution for you.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a service that enables you safe storage and easy file sharing between different devices. With this service, all of your data can be accessible everywhere where you have an internet connection.

6. Skype

Skype is another small business app that has changed the world. With voice, video calls, and chat systems, file transfer, and conference calls, Skype has become a tool that entrepreneurs must use.

7. Evernote

Evernote is a tool that can help you increase your productivity concerning your ideas or events that are important to you, and you want to remember something to use in the future.